School district to begin student supplemental nutrition program Monday

Starting Monday, the Siuslaw School District will begin offering a morning breakfast run, and then return on Monday mid-day with a two-meal bag of food for students. After that, the district will run mid-morning runs with a two-meal supply the remainder of the week.

Food service staff will be in on Sunday to start meal production.

The district will not be able to deliver on the weekends, but has been in contact with local church groups (FoodBackPack4Kids) that also do supplemental nutrition programs to either ride along with school staff or follow along in their delivery trucks.

School staff will start on steps they need for either online learning or hard-copy equivalents on Monday that will cover a rough two-week unit of content. Delivery of materials to sites begins on Thursday (March 19).

Before staff return to work sites on Monday (March 16), the custodial staff is working over the weekend in every building doing another round of preventative disinfection. They have been doing disinfection during the school day and again during the swing shifts after school.

It is easier to do this type of disinfection with no one else on campus and without having to do the additional cleaning required after a regular day of classes.

(Editor's Note: We have copies available to the community in an envelope posted in our office window (148 Maple St.) through the weekend, with more copies to be available at our front desk during office hours beginning Monday.) 


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