River Gallery to honor Florence artist Gary O’Gara

Artist found inspiration from Oregon Coast

The River Gallery will be honoring the memory of Florence artist, Gary O’Gara, during the Art Walk on Saturday, July 8.

Gary was born and raised on the southern California coast. His passion for art led him to travel to Europe to study the work of the Old Masters.

From 1980 to the early 1990’s, his employment as designer and illustrator in the commercial art and architectural fields enabled him to work in many mediums, including watercolor, gouache and oils, as well as three dimensional structures.

He moved to western Colorado in the early 90’s and was inspired to turn his attention solely to oil painting, primarily landscapes.

A trip along the Oregon coast with it’s turbulence and undeveloped natural beauty motivated Gary to move to Florence in 2009 and begin painting seascapes.

Gary’s works have been well received and hang in many prominent and  private collections including The Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Tillman Bishop (State senator), Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Abi Garaman (National Chairman of “Arts for the Parks, Bobbi Brown (Bobbi Brown Cosmetics), and St. Mary's Hospital and Regional Center.

Gary told us, “As an artist, I’m often inspired by the creation around me reflecting the hope that I see. An example of this would be a tree casting a lone shadow from an unseen light source, or a path leading you over a hill and beyond. I find that diffused light in the morning and evening, or after a passing storm, creates the most suitable atmosphere for the mood I want to convey, while lending a sense of spirituality and peace.”

Gary’s oil paintings of coastal scenes will be discounted 20% during the Art Walk on Saturday, July 8, from 3 to 5 p.m.

The River Gallery is located at 1335 Bay St. (on the corner of Laurel and Bay St.) in Old Town Florence.