Respect on the beach; Holiday cat tale; Florence wonderful — Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29, 2018

Be respectful of others with dogs on the beach

First of all, full disclosure: I love dogs, but not necessarily dog owners.

Our beaches are beautiful public open spaces that should be enjoyed by all people. As hard as it is to believe, there are some people who are afraid of dogs and, yes, some people who don’t even like dogs.

Are they not allowed to go out on our beaches to appreciate the beauty because some dog owners think they have the right to disconnect the leash? 

Yes, I know your dog is friendly (really), but is mine?

Don’t get me wrong; there are many owners who keep the leash attached and we all thank you for that. But they are also the ones getting harassed by loose dogs. Dogs on leashes are being protected by their owners and leashed dogs usually get defensive when approached by a loose dog.

Can anyone tell me what happens to a small dog when an excited larger dog jumps on it? I don’t care how much money you get sued for — a dog does not deserve to be hurt just because someone wants to give their dog “freedom.” 

We have a great dog park on Kingwood Street that is a perfect spot for doggie freedom. Florence City Code Title 6 Chapter 6 explains “Animals at Large” and that dogs are only allowed off-leash when contained in or on private property and in designated off-leash areas. 

Please respect the rights and safety of others and keep your dogs on a leash at the beach, or at least when it is crowded, because it is the right thing to do so we can all enjoy the beach.

—Glenn Singley


Holiday cat tale continues

Thanks to those who donated cash to help me with the abandoned cat (Letter to the Editor “Abandoned Cat,” Dec. 15)   

Florence people have the biggest hearts!

A little history: I had to put down my own old cat (20 years old) last November.

Then, in December 2018, I found myself again dealing with a sick cat. The fact Ellie was “old” and abandoned made it an emotional ordeal.

I enjoyed “Ellie cat” but felt I could not give her the proper care because of the cost and commitment. Ellie is about nine years old, thin and had a bad cold.

I tried to get help in Florence but every place was full or cost too much for my budget. I called Eugene Humane society and Ellie was welcomed with open arms.    She is now in a warm space and getting the proper medical care.

I am happy that Ellie is getting the care I could not provide. I did all that I could for the her.

Do not get animals if you cannot care for them. It is wrong to just dump. It is also against the law. They are domestic animals who are not equipped to survive on their own. Many Oregonians are still not aware that Animal Abandonment is illegal in the state of Oregon (ORS167.340). It is a Class B Misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of 6 months in jail (ORS 161.615) and/or a $2,500 fine (ORS 161.635) if convicted.

That all said, a huge thanks to all who gave money to help with Ellie cat. I did have to purchase items and hire a cat sitter.

I plan to donate some of the money to help others with care of pets.

Thanks to all the “Ellie” supporters!

—Pat Rongey


(Editor’s Note: As of Dec. 28, donations to help Ellie had totaled $172. We will continue to receive donations through Dec. 31.)

Florence is a wonderful city

This is not a letter of complaining, it is a letter of thanks! First, I want to thank the City of Florence for the wonderful dog park on Kingwood Street, across from the airport.

I have an 88-pound Golden Retriever, Ernie, and a 7-pound Papillon, Gracie. I try to take them to the dog park at least five mornings a week. Ernie is only 19 months old and has lots of energy. He needs to run and play with his dog buddies. We have an acre with plenty of room to run, but after 16 months, Gracie, who is 12 years old, just tolerates Ernie.

I have been to the park when there have been close to 20 dogs, running and playing and pooping. The city provides what I call poop bags and a nifty-lined garbage can with a secure lid that is changed daily. Thank you!

Several of us moms and dads have become friends — almost family — and we try to meet at the same time.

The park is a wonderful place for socializing, both for the dogs and their owners, and we all appreciate the city for its generosity. It even provided a smaller fenced area for dogs that don’t get along with other dogs or are small and afraid of the bigger dogs.

Plus, the city brought in about seven dump truck loads of chips and, when they had the time, they spread the chips around the park. When the rains finally started and we told the a city employee who was in the park that there was a low spot right by the second gate into the big yard, they filled the low spot within a week.

The only things that could make the park better would a few more benches and a bathroom. Some of us older folks need both of them! However, thank you, City of Florence — you guys rock!

Christmas evening, on the way home from dinner with friends, my husband and I drove the streets of Florence admiring the many homes and businesses who put up holiday lights. Wow! Many of you went all out decorating with Christmas lights.

It was a delightful drive.

Thank you all for helping to make Florence so colorful and beautiful. Bay Street has those big, beautiful lighted snowflakes on the lamp posts and the little park next to Coffee Roasters is wicked-beautiful. Most of the businesses on Bay Street were lit up, as well as many on Highway 101. So many lights!

Thank you, citizens of Florence, for helping to make Florence so bright and colorful after dark. I wish you would leave them up all year!

Florence is a wonderful little city. I have lived here since 1972 and have seen it grow from a very small town with traffic lights at Highways 101 and 126; a small, old hospital with just a handful of doctors; to the wonderful, beautiful, friendly town it has become.

Thank You, one and all.

And Happy New Year! 

—Gail Katz Hanson



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