Representing Collard Lake; Get involved — Letters to the Editor, March 16, 2019

Representing Collard Lake Road to county

On Tuesday, March 12,  at the Lane County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting in Eugene, eight Collard Lake residents attended the meeting, where three spoke on our behalf from the Collard Lake Road area regarding our ongoing issues with Collard Lake Road.

The residents of the area would like to thank County Commissioner Jay Bozievich, County Administrator Steve Mokrohizky, Public Works Director Dan Hurley and the rest of the Board for listening to and addressing our concerns.

We look forward to updates regarding this situation.

—Camille Thomsen

Collard Lake Road, Florence

Now is time to get involved, informed on mural

I have become aware that there are — and have been — opportunities to be more informed about upcoming decisions per Florence City committees. I must confess I didn’t pay much attention to the Siuslaw News issue of Dec. 22, 2018, which had an image of the proposed graffiti-style mural for the CLPUD building.

Nor did I take an active interest in the PAC (Public Art Committee) efforts. I was busy with my job and other activities as many are. As I dug a bit more into the City of Florence PAC committee, I found published information that citizens of Florence need to review on the PAC’s activities (and other committees & commissions).

There are other proposed “art” items to be aware of:




You can also sign up for an email distribution list for the PAC as well as apply to participate in any of Florence’s commissions and committees. I don’t know if there are more openings on the PAC committee or not. Now is the time to get involved, so ask if you can participate.

I am sure the PAC committee members did their work diligently, but we only get to see the final choice of a small number of citizens. We just need to get more involved.

According to what I have heard, there is a Facebook page with many negative comments about the proposed CLPUD mural. Social media is fine, but please directly tell our city council members, mayor and city manager how you feel so they can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the project.  Put your comments (positive or negative) in writing, either via email or handwritten letter.

A land use hearing and City Council vote on whether to proceed with the mural will be held April 1, at the FFEC at 5:30 p.m. Send in your comments to the council before that April meeting.

Perhaps the citizens of Florence need to have their input as well, possibly to a vote on a ballot. What I see as Portland-style graffiti art does not belong in Florence.

—Don Drozdenko



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