Reports of cougar, bear confrontation at Greentrees unsubstantiated by ODFW

Residents of Greentrees Village have recently reported increased numbers of sighting of larger animals, including bears and cougars, to representatives of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildife (ODFW).

David Lane, ODFW Acting Deputy Administrator for Information and Education, said that recently reported skirmishes between the two species of predators were unsubstantiated and unconfirmed.

“There was no fight between a cougar and a bear that we know of, and we have not had to remove or euthanize any animals in response to these reports,” Lane said.

This is in response to rumors circulated briefly this week about an interaction between the two species within Greentrees Village.

“There have been sightings of both animals at Greentrees and they appear to have lost wariness of humans,” Lane said. “Due to human safety concerns, we are asking folks to be cautious and to keep pets inside when possible. People should also be securing any food that might attract animals to their property. They should also exercise caution when walking outdoors.”

Lane said ODFW will be attempting to remove the predatory animals living in Greentrees, using non-lethal traps after determining the locations most likely to attract them.

It is ODFW policy to euthanize animals that have been habituated to human contact.

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