Rene Dobbins

Rene Dobbins passed away August 4, 2021

DOBBINS—Rene Dobbins passed away Aug. 4, 2021. On that day, we lost a dear friend, good nurse, herbalist, potter and brave adventurer.

Rene passed away in her pelapa in Yelapa, Mexico. She told us just the day before, how glad she was to be HOME — she had just returned from a visit in Alabama with her sister and family.

She had lived in Yelapa since November 2017. Her son Ian joined her there a year and a half ago.

Her friends in Yelapa honored her passing with a wake for seven nights.

Rene was born in Pascagoula, Miss., on May 11, 1942. She was the youngest child and had two much older sisters. Her sister, Marian Hawkins, is 95 and was the main reason for her visit to Alabama. Her other sister Joy died in 2005.

Rene was married to Peter Dobbins until about 1974. They had two sons, Ian and Lucius. She very sadly lost Lucius in 2005.

From 2001-12, Rene was partnered with Jim Wingate at Swisshome. Jim passed that year, after Rene took great care of him. 

Rene was an energetic soul. She worked as a registered nurse at PeaceHealth Peace Harbor for many years. She was smart and a hard worker. If a friend or loved one needed her help or care, she would do so endlessly.

She was a great gardener, herbalist and soap maker. And she left us all speechless when she sold everything she had and moved to Yelapa, following her dream.

Rene is survived by son Ian, sister Marian, niece Holly, ex-husband Peter and two granddaughters.