Remembering our history; Holidays' meaning lost — Letters to the Editor, May 29, 2019

Each generation has a responsibility to light freedom’s vanguard for all to see

Remembering our history and those who made it

On a somewhat overcast day at Veterans Park, the Memorial day remembrance of our fallen dead was surely solemn and somber, honoring  the sacred fallen heroes who gave the “last full measure” of devotion to their country.

It would be fitting and proper to extend the short program with words of consolation denoting not only where we derive our freedoms and liberty but who and what it all means. Names such as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Lincoln and Adams should be as resplendent as the wonderful Coast Guard ceremonies.

If we remember not who and why we have the glorious freedoms put together over the many millenia, our children’s children will grow up despising the very freedoms our forefathers preserved and wrought.

Each generation has a responsibility to light freedom’s vanguard for all to see, especially the present and future generations who so desperately need to know.

We need more words of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln so that we may preserve the “last best hope of man on Earth” for future heroes.

God bless America.

—Joel Marks


Holidays’ meaning is lost 

This past Friday I was watching a morning show when one of the commentators said Memorial Day Weekend is when families and friends get together for cook-outs to celebrate “False Summer.”’

I was appalled in that the true meaning of Memorial Day was not addresses. I then realized that most of our younger population has a mindset of what holidays are. Christmas is a time for a decorated tree and presents; Easter is decorated eggs and chocolate bunnies; July Fourth is fireworks, hotdogs and beer.

Most  do not seem able to understand the true meaning of holidays and why we recognize them.

—Win Jolley



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