Rain dampens Rhody weekend rowdiness

Emergency response agencies report little trouble

May 22, 2019 — While the Rhody Day weekend rains may have kept crowds away from events such as Saturday’s Coast Radio Classic Car Cruise, it also kept away the sometimes unruly behavior that the festival can sometimes bring from out-of-town revelers.

“Overall, it was a really calm weekend. The rain kept people away at night,” said Florence Police Department (FPD) Commander John Pitcher. “Saturday nights is when [arguments and fights] usually happen, with people drinking so much. This year we didn’t have any people down there, and I’m positive that was because of the rain.”

Only two people were arrested with warrants Friday through Sunday, one for disorderly conduct and another for heroin. Three people were put in for detox, four people were found to be driving with suspended licenses and another four were cited for drinking while in public.

There were a total of nine minors in possession, with two people cited for furnishing alcohol to minors.

“We don’t get out on the road very much, but the other agencies arrested three DUIs,” Pitcher said, reporting only five traffic citations given by his agency.

FPD was assisted by Lane County Sheriff’s Office and Lane County Parole and Probation. The Eugene Police Department assisted FPD with the 112th annual Grand Floral Parade on Sunday.

One as yet unsolved crime comes in the form of counterfeit $20 bills being given to area businesses over the weekend. The bills in questions have the word “replica” printed multiple times, as well as the phrase for “motion picture use” — the bills were intended to be used as props in films. The community is encouraged to look out for the counterfeit bills, and contact FPD at 541-997-3515 to report any activity with them.

For Western Lane Ambulance and Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue, it was also slow weekend.

“It was very quiet,” said Chief Director Michael Schick, who reported only eight calls on Saturday and Sunday, two of which involved out-of-towners. “We were prepared for something big, but there really wasn’t a lot. There were no fires, no big fights. It was very quiet. We were ready, but quiet is okay.”

While the weather put a damper on Saturday night festivities, “on Sunday, when the sun came out, it looks like everybody showed up for the parade,” Pitcher said. “Worked out pretty well for us.”


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