Proposed bill is Portland-area-politics gun grab

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Jan. 26, 2019 — SB 501, sponsored by Senator Rob Wagner of Tualatin and Representative Andrea Salinas of Lake Oswego, is a bill that all supporters of the Second Amendment should oppose.

This bill is clearly an attempt to ram big-city, Portland-area ideas on gun control down the throats of rural Oregonians. This bill would, among other things, require law-abiding Oregonians to petition a politician (such as the county sheriff ) for a permit before being allowed to exercise their Constitutional right to purchase a firearm under the Second Amendment.

Should the sheriff decide to grant the request, he or she could then charge a “reasonable fee” for this permit.

One can only imagine what will inevitably become the ever-increasing cost of these “reasonable fees.” Law-abiding Oregon residents who are of sound mind and otherwise legally permitted to own a firearm should not have to petition elected officials to purchase one.

I can see no rational nexus between this foolish and ill-advised bill and any measurable reduction in gun violence. It appears to me to simply be another power grab by Portland-area politicians. Keep in mind that in most cases background checks are already mandatory for gun purchases. So under this new proposal, even if you can pass a background check, you would still have to petition an elected official to do what you have a legal right to do.

In short, this bill does not target criminals, only the law abiding.

Additionally, the bill prohibits law-abiding Oregonians from purchasing more than 20 rounds of ammunition per month. When my stepson, my wife and I go to the range to practice shooting, we typically fire a few hundred rounds minimum.

This law would render an enjoyable, family based activity nearly impossible.

The bill also mandates a background check to purchase ammunition.

Can you imagine how impossible it will be to have background checks done through an already overburdened system if this law goes into effect? Not to mention how the costs of these background checks will certainly over burden many low- and middle-income families.

SB 501 also bans “high capacity magazines,” which the bill defines as “any magazine holding more than 5 rounds.”

This is sheer nonsense. Talk to any group of experienced, trained, law-abiding shooters and they will tell you that a "high capacity" magazine is one that holds more than 30 rounds.

In fact, 20- or 30-round magazines are considered by most to be “standard capacity” magazines.

I will be contacting State Senator Arnie Roblan and State Representative Caddy McKeown to express my opposition to this bill, and I hope others will too.

I’m sure that gun grabbers are flooding state representatives’ offices with letters in favor of this power grab.

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