Progress on Florence’s Housing Code Update

Staff, committee work to modify requirements for parking, density

May 25, 2019 — The City of Florence is currently working on a major revision of the housing codes that govern construction and development within city limits. The public was invited to participate in the process by attending an open house meeting on Thursday at Florence City Hall. The goal of the code update is to allow for an easier path to building all types of housing in the city.

Dozens of engaged and interested citizens turned up to hear the presentation given by Steve Faust and Sean Edging from civil engineering firm 3J Consulting. Edging was the main speaker at the open house, and he reviewed the goals of the work done by 3J and the methods used to determine the most effective way to achieve the goals of the revision.

The effort to update city standards has included extensive work done by city staff and the Housing Code Subcommittee, which earlier this month took the recommendations suggested by 3J and attempted to codify the suggestions.

The most meaningful of the suggested changes include modifications of parking requirements, redefining the types of dwelling that can be constructed and the requirements necessary to build those structures.

Members of the City’s Planning Department, Florence Mayor Joe Henry and City Manager Erin Reynolds were in attendance at the open house, in addition to members of the Community and Economic Development Committee and its Housing Code Update Subcommittee.

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