Principals of decency; Patriotism not partisan; Defend democracy — Letters to the Editor June 16, 2018

Define our country based on principals of decency

The practice of ripping children from their parents and separating families is utterly cruel and immoral.

These people are not “illegals.”

They are not M-13 members or terrorists.

They are human beings seeking political asylum from a country where their lives are endangered. As refugees, they have every right to petition the United States to have their request for asylum heard on a case-by-case basis. What they don’t deserve is to have their children thrown in metal cages, where they spend up to 22 hours each day without proper medical care and nutrition, terrified and not knowing where their parents are.

They don’t deserve the physical and psychological trauma inflicted on them by ICE agents who appeare to be acting as Trump’s private gestapo.

As Americans, most of us had ancestors who came to this country seeking refuge from religious and political oppression. Most Americans even claim to believe in a compassionate and loving god. If so, how can we allow this inhumane practice of separation of families to continue?

We must not be complacent or numb.

Demand politicians take a stand against fascist policies and put an end to this. Cruelty is not democracy and hatred is not freedom. As Americans, we can chose to define our country based on the principles of decency and compassion for all humanity.

It is my constant prayer this is the America we will become.

—Linda Olsen


Patriotism is not partisan

The card found in the Veterans Park is a wonderful reminder that children are this country’s future.

The heartfelt message from a 5-year-old thanking veterans for protecting us is truly noteworthy and every veteran, regardless of political affiliation, should be able to view this remarkable evidence of awareness and gratitude.

Patriotism has nothing to do with partisanship. So why will it reside in a place that seems to serve only one belief system?

It has been proposed that the local military museum might be a more inclusive location for it.

I couldn’t agree more.

Apparently, Lawrence Ferguson and MJ Flowerday of Patriot Place think that only those veterans who share their opinions and values should have a “heartwarming” experience.

I’m sure Mallory didn’t think so.

—Peggy Bradley


It’s up to us to defend our own democracy

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution. Our democracy relies on these freedoms.

However, our president's constant portrayal of “fake media” and attacks against the press are a cause for concern.

We could live under a dictatorship like Syria, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea or countless other countries where freedom of speech is nonexistant.

It’s up to us and our congressional leaders, liberal and conservative, to defend these constitutional principles.

Otherwise, we could end up in a very different country we no longer recognize as a democracy.

You choose.

— Julie MacFarlane


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