Port raises rates for camping, RVs

A 12 percent increase in fees for RV and camping space rental will be effective May 1

April 20, 2019 — The Port of Siuslaw Commissioners’ monthly meeting was held Wednesday evening at the port office. The major news from the meeting was an approval by commissioners to authorize a 12 percent increase in fees for RV and camping space rental, effective May 1.

The discussion regarding the rate increase was preceded by unanimous approval of the agenda, minutes from the preceding month’s meeting and the port’s financials.

The commissioners next selected Brien Mill to fill the opening on the port’s budget committee. Mill made a brief statement accepting the appointment and stating his commitment to contributing in as many ways as he could to make the port a showplace for the city.

The commissioners then revisited the approved upgrade to the “C-Row” RV rental spaces as regards to improving the amenities for the spots, which are considered the most desirable in the campground. This is due to the view of the river and estuary which is available from these prime locations.

Port Manager David Huntington shared the updated cost information involved in the upgrade, which he had gathered since the last commission meeting, from the city and utility companies.

Huntington then presented the commissioners with a resolution to authorize a transfer of $100,000 from the port’s debt services account, to their capital outlay account, to facilitate the completion of the upgrade, if it was needed.

After a brief discussion recapping the revenue expected from the upgraded spaces and other benefits expected by the change, the resolution passed unanimously.

There were some thoughts expressed by commissioners that the timing of the upgrade might allow for the cost of the modifications to be included in the budgetary calculations for next year.

Huntington acknowledged it was going to be a challenge to finish the upgrades quickly but felt there was still a chance they could be completed before the end of the summer, necessitating his request for a financial transfer.

There was another financial subject considered by commissioners and that was an across-the-board rate increase. Huntington provided commissioners with a review of campgrounds in this general area with similar amenities. This data showed that the rates charged at the Port of Siuslaw are significantly less than in other locations.

Huntington strongly suggested an increase was warranted and asked for the commissioners to approve an increase.

The motion to approve a 12 percent increase was then seconded and passed unanimously.

The last item on the evening’s docket was a brief update provided by Commissioners Terry Duman and Bill Meyer, who announced that the retail space available for rental in the blue building on Harbor Street had been leased.

The terms of the lease were somewhat unusual, and the commissioners felt an explanation was in order.

The commissioners said the space had been leased for two years by Geraldine Lucio. The original asking price for the space had been $1,400 per month but had attracted no one interested in renting the building at that price. Part of the problem with attracting a renter was the poor condition of the space.

According to Duman, there are a considerable number of problems with the electrical and plumbing systems in the building, as well as structural issues. These issues convinced the commissioners to reduce the rental rate for the space to $800 a month for two months while some of these repairs were made.

Lucio will then be required to pay $1,200 a month for the remainder of her lease.

There were no public comments made during the meeting and reports from the commissioners were brief.

The meeting was adjourned, and the next Port of Siuslaw Commissioners meeting will be held on May 15.


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