Politics has nothing to do with art; Mural can be protected against graffiti; Mayor Joe not alone — Letters to the Editor, July 6, 2019

It is sad that, in this day and age, one can not express their opinion without someone from another side screaming “politics!”

Politics has nothing to do with opinion on art

I beg to disagree strongly with Wednesdays edition of the Siuslaw News printing Judith Preisler’s letter stating she was distressed to read Mayor Joe Henry chose to attack both Councilor Green and PAC Chairman Springer, who worked tirelessly to improve the appearance of the city through public art, further stating, “Politics has reared its head in the ugliest manor over this issue, and what a shame it is.”

Politics has nothing to do with it. It is a matter of opinion.  It is sad that, in this day and age, one can not express their opinion without someone from another side  screaming “politics!”

Sadly it has become a daily occurrence.

As far as the so called mural goes, I would venture to say if we held a city-wide vote the majority of Florence residents would say they see it more as graffiti than a work of art — especially when here is so much natural beauty in and around Florence that we can all be proud of rather than have to look the other way from when we passing it.

In conclusion, I would hope the PAC would heed the words expressed against their choice during the meeting held a few months ago and attended by citizens deeply concerned with their future choices.

—Tony Cavarno


Mural can be protected against graffiti

In Michael O’Conner’s Letter to the Editor “City Must Have Unlimited Funds” (July 3), he suggested that graffiti tagging was inevitabe and costly.

While true that it’s a problem with murals, there are products like Vandlguard that can be applied to murals to protect the surface and allow it to be cleaned without damage.

I am doubtful PAC factored this into the mural on Highway 126, but they should do some research of products for future mural projects.

—Win Jolley


Mayor Joe, you are not alone

After reading Lea Patten’s Guest Viewpoint (“No Room For Bullies In Our Local Government,” July 3) and Judith Preisler’s letter to the editor in the Siuslaw News (Distressed By Discourse,” July 3), it would appear some folks are attempting to empty their chamber pots on our mayor’s head.

Just know there is a large group of us who appreciate strong leadership.

—Bruce Jarvis



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