Police remove car from Siuslaw River

Photo provided by Chad Gates

On Sept. 26 at 8:43 a.m. the Florence Police Department received a report of a vehicle in the water at the boat ramp located near Harbor Dr and First St. 

Upon arrival officers made contact with the female operator of the vehicle who had climbed out of the sunroof of the vehicle after it had gone into the river.

After ensuring there were no individuals still inside the car the officer’s investigation revealed that the female driver intentionally drove her vehicle into the river at a slow rate of speed, climbed out the sunroof and then was helped by citizens who had observed the incident.

The officers placed a Police Officer’s Hold (POH) on the female operator and transported her to Peace Harbor Hospital.

Oregon law allows officers to place a POH on an individual when the officer has probable cause to believe the person is a danger to self or any other person and is in need of immediate care for mental illness.

Tow truck operators were able to remove the vehicle from the water at approximately 9:37a.m.