Peace Harbor Foundation establishes new Women’s Care Fund to better meet the needs of patients

Feb. 2, 2020 — A group of 30 women gathered at Florence Golf Links on Jan. 29 for “Party with a Purpose,” an event benefitting PeaceHealth Peace Harbor’s new Women’s Care Fund. The event was co-hosted by Kay King, Cori Hanson and Laurel Ferguson as a way to introduce the foundation’s new program director of development, Heather Quaas-Annsa, as well as the Women’s Care team at Peace Harbor.

“We felt it was so important to our community to get to know Heather and more about what’s going on at the hospital,” King said. “We’re so excited — and you must have thought it was a great idea, too, and we’re glad to have you all here.”

King has been a long-time supporter of Peace Harbor Foundation and has been prominent in past fundraisers, including the expansion of Peace Harbor Medical Center’s Emergency Department. She welcomed the attendees to the event, encouraging them to enjoy the wine and appetizers provided by Florence Golf Links.

She also gave some background on the foundation before introducing Quaas-Annsa, who has been with the foundation for a year and was named to her position in August.

“Because I love this community so much, when the opportunity came up for me to work as the director of development for the foundation, I jumped on it. I love my work here,” Quaas-Annsa said.

She described Peace Harbor staff as people who “truly live the mission of PeaceHealth: ‘We carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ by promoting personal and community health, relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way.’ Each and every day, our caregivers go above and beyond to make sure that they are living our mission as well. Literally when you walk in the doors of Peace Harbor, you know that you’re going to be cared for by these wonderful physicians and nurses. … Pretty much the entire staff is phenomenal.”

The foundation seeks to support the work of the hospital, providing funding for equipment, training, remodels of certain departments and more. However, “Historically, we have not had a Women’s Care Fund,” Quaas-Annsa said.

While providers in the Women’s Care department have been able to meet with the board to request money for certain needs, the Peace Harbor Foundation would have to fund the request through its unrestricted funds.

“Now, we will have dedicated funds specific to women’s care, programs, equipment and services that we need in this community. We want to ensure that we’ll be able to get that,” Quaas-Annsa said.

Three of Peace Harbor Women’s Care providers were in attendance: Dr. Justine Parker, D.O. — obstetrics/gynecology and family medicine; Dr. Jacquelyn L. Serrano, M.D. — obstetrics/gynecology, occupational medicine and family medicine; and Dr. Yvonne M. Sculley, M.D. — obstetrics/gynecology.

Parker said, “We love women, we believe women, and we believe that when women’s needs are met, their families and towns that they belong to — in this case, Florence or the world — become better, safer places. We really have a deep desire to hear your voices in how we can improve our care. We think we give pretty excellent care, but we also want to give more excellent care and you can help us determine the best resource for that.”

Through three case studies based on women in the community, she talked about the main needs that the Women’s Care Team has, and what the newly established Women’s Care Fund could provide.

“These are the things we are thinking about: education, mindfulness, trauma-informed care and technology that is up to date and allows us to be efficient and as compassionate as possible with you,” Parker said. “We collaborate with our patients … on how best to meet their needs, their physical needs and also from a psychosocial standpoint. We’re more than just bodies; we’re the mind-body connection. We’re working on the whole range of healthcare for women.”

After her presentation, community members were able to give ideas or ask questions on the state of women’s health in the Siuslaw region and how they want to better work with providers.

“We would love to talk to you about these things and also anything else,” Parker said. “We want to hear from you, as leaders from the community, as a possible resource for insights about what Florence needs from a women’s health perspective, what resources there might be that we’re unaware of and how we can better collaborate with you to get you good care.”

For more information about Women’s Care at Peace Harbor, visit

The mission of the PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization, is to improve the health and lives of community members by providing charitable support to the PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center.

Quaas-Annsa said, “I’m asking you all today to consider giving to our newly created Women’s Care Fund, because something as simple as a new piece of equipment, staffing, having someone respond to trauma or educational topics like nutrition or postpartum depression could quite literally save the lives of someone in our community. With your help, Peace Harbor will always be able to provide the best possible care to women in Western Lane County, through every stage of her life.”

People can donate directly to the Women’s Care Fund or another designated fund online at

At the conclusion of the “Party with a Purpose,” Ferguson came forward to acknowledge the organizers, supporters, venue and attendees of the event.

“We couldn’t be here tonight if it weren’t for all of you,” she said. “Thank you to the amazing women of this community who are so passionate about supporting other women and dedicated to serving others. We are so lucky to be here, and we’re so grateful that you could come tonight and join us for this event.”

She also thanked the Women’s Care Team for their dedication to the community, saying, “I’m so excited you guys are here, and so excited that I get to utilize your services.”

For more information about or to donate to the Women’s Care Fund, contact the Peace Harbor Foundation at 541-902-6589 or [email protected]

“I come to work every day because I know I can help make a difference in this community, because I’m helping to support the work of my colleagues at Peace Harbor every day,” Quaas-Annsa said. “And each and every day we get up and work to make the community a place that is happy and healthy, and a place where we want to live and raise our families.”


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