Oregon Housing releases $40 million to assist homeless, at-risk

SALEM — Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) has announced the release of $40 million in funding to provide homeless prevention and assistance to Oregonians statewide.

These resources will be implemented by Community Action Agency partners across the state and delivered through the Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA) program and State Homeless Assistance Program (SHAP) administered by OHCS.

Both of these resources are used to immediately get Oregonians off the street and into shelter and help them eventually find long-term, stable housing.

“OHCS and the Community Action Agencies have an important opportunity to use this historic investment to make significant progress toward our goals of reducing homelessness, reaching the hardest to serve, and ensuring that Oregonians have a safe and stable place to call home,” said Governor Brown.

In recognition of the homeless crisis facing communities across the state, the 2017 Oregon Legislature invested a historic $40 million (a fourfold increase) in funding to prevent and end homelessness.

The Legislature also approved $1.5 million to further help homeless veterans in Oregon. The most recent homeless Point-in-Time count found 13,953 people in Oregon are without a permanent place to call home.

This number represents a 6 percent increase, or an additional 777 people, compared to the last count in 2015.

“OHCS and our partners take the stewardship of this investment very seriously,” said Margaret Salazar, Director of Oregon Housing and Community Services. “We recognize the potential for dramatic impact with these funds and are excited to partner with the Community Action Agencies. With these funds we can prevent more Oregonians from falling into homelessness, rapidly rehouse people living on the streets, expand community shelters, and plan ahead for cold weather.”

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