Oregon Cavy Breeders Show returns

If you’re a fan of Guinea pigs or cavies, this show is for you.

The Florence Events Center will be alive with the happy, un mistakable squeal of Cavies (Guinea pigs) and their enthusiasts when the Oregon Cavy Breeders Society hosts its Cavy Show on Saturday, July 29, at the FEC, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cavy owners and breeders from around the region will bring their favorite cavies to be judged and assessed for their quality.

Top winners will be awarded prizes. In addition there will be a free youth cavy show open to the public.

Everyone is invited to see some of the most beautiful cavies in the Northwest.

Though there are 13 breeds of Guinea pig, only a few breeds are commonly found off the show table as pets. The short-hair, Abyssinian, Peruvian and Sheltie (aka Silkie) breeds are those most frequently seen as pets.

For the uninitiated, here's a quick look at how to determine the difference:

• Short Haired: The short coated cavy, often called the American, Self, or English, has consistently short, glossy hair without a part.

• Abyssinian: Known for its short, rough coat that has cowlicked rosettes of hair

• Peruvian: The Peruvian is the progenitor of all modern long-haired breeds, being a Guinea pig with hair that grows long continuously all over its body — sometimes to an excess of 20 inches.

• Silkie or Sheltie: A Silkie has long hair that flows back over its body and never forward over the face (as in the Peruvian).

• Texel: Like a Silkie, but with curls.

The show will be a unique opportunity to see and interact with the many breeds of this popular animal, as well as see what determines the best of the best in the eyes of professional breeders.

Enthusiasts as well as first-time attendees are welcome to see these spectacular examples of cavies, ask questions and become introduced to the wonderful world of these unique animals.

For more information, call the FEC at 541-997-1994.