OCHS recognizes shelter pets, volunteers


OCHS Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson and shelter staff welcomed the community to the shelter on Saturday. Oregon Coast Humane Society honored longtime volunteers Pam Sellars and Larry Englund (with wife Florence) on Saturday.

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May 4, 2022 — April 30 was Adopt A Shelter Pet Day and the Oregon Coast Humane Society (OCHS) held a day-long series of events recognizing outstanding volunteers along with a bake sale and a dedication of new kennels at the shelter, 2840 Rhododendron Dr.

OCHS Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson was pleased with the support received from the community 

“Adopt a Shelter Pet Day was a grand success,” she said. “We received hundreds of pounds of pet food donated through our Stuff the Van Event, sold hundreds of dollars worth of goodies through our Bake Sale, and celebrated our new kennel sponsors with a Kennel Dedication and Celebration.”

The kennel dedication was attended by about 40 individuals and 8 families sponsored individual kennels. OCHS was also the recipient of more than 300 pounds of dog food, which is especially needed now as cost associated with animal upkeep continue to rise dramatically.

“With the cost of vet bills and food increasing during the pandemic, having our generous donors sponsor the kennels allowed us to continue providing exceptional care while improving the housing for our dogs. The Fear-Free kennels are easier to clean and reduce noise, and that’s a huge benefit for our most fearful canine residents,” Thompson said.

In addition, OCHS used the event to surprise long-term volunteers with Lifetime Achievement Awards. 

“Congratulations to Larry Englund (30 years of service) and Pam Sellars (16 years of service) for their continued dedication to our animals,” Thompson said. “It takes a village to save this many dogs and cats!”

According to Thompson, Sellars has volunteered at the Oregon Coast Humane Society Thrift Store since 2006. 

“That’s 16 years! She prices all the books and runs the entire department independently —pricing, merchandising, customer service, and more. When asked how many books Pam thinks she's sold for the animals, she commented, ‘a million!’ She's probably not far off on that number,” Thompson said.

Sellars was honored with a kennel dedicated in memory of her dog, Minute Louise.

“And Larry Englund has volunteered with OCHS for over 30 years — even before there was a brick and mortar shelter built,” Thompson said. “Larry and his wife Florence were originally dog walkers for OCHS and sponsored kennels when the building was first installed. They sponsored a kennel again this time in memory of their dogs Dudley and Billie. Larry now volunteers at the thrift store testing and pricing all of the electrical items. He's lived a life of service and both Englunds are legacy members of OCHS.”

Oregon Coast Humane Society is a limited intake animal shelter supporting a lifetime of care for the animals and their humans. Programs like spay/neuter coupons, senior pet owner funding, and community pet food pantry are funded entirely through donations.

In April, the shelter adopted 26 dogs and 21 cats to people in the community. There are additional dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available.

Learn more at www.oregoncoasthumanesociety.org, by stopping by the shelter or calling 541-997-4277.