Now is not the time for politics as usual; Boomer is right person; Cleavenger for DA; McLeod-Skinner for Secretary — Letters to the Editor, April 15, 2020

Now is not the time for politics as usual

I am totally disgusted with the way politicians are putting their agenda on the backs of all the people who are sick or have died from this virus.

Now is the time for the politicians to band together, as many citizens have, to solve this problem. It is not the time to use any action or statement to try to further their political ambitions.

There have been many mistakes made but this is the time to learn from those mistakes rather than fight. 

Our own state has not handled this problem correctly. In a state, where, every time you turn on a radio or TV you are hit with a message “to prepare for emergencies,” the state was woefully unprepared for this emergency. 

If we had been hit with an earthquake we still would not have had proper medical equipment to treat the injured. 

This is uncharted territory. When someone makes a statement, look at it but do not look for what you can say is wrong with it just to further your goals.

—Robert Smith


Boomer is right person to represent District 9

Duane “Boomer” Wright is running for House District 9. I served on the Mapleton School Board while Boomer was superintendent of our district. As superintendent of schools, Boomer managed teachers, parents, state mandates and a large budget. Funding for schools comes with stipulations which require careful fiscal management. 

Figuring out how to use funds requires careful planning and prioritization. Boomer Wright had those skills and did a great job in our district. He listened to our concerns and worked well with others. 

Those same abilities will make Boomer invaluable when he goes to Salem to represent us. He’ll remember prioritization and he’ll choose carefully how to spend — or not spend — our hard-earned tax dollars. 

It’s exciting to think Boomer will represent us. I urge others to join me in voting for Boomer Wright — the person who has the experience to match the position.

—Randy Duval


Cleavenger for county’s District Attorney

I am endorsing a fantastic candidate for Lane County District Attorney, James Cleavenger. He is a man who will balance fairness and justice with his extensive experience in all facets of the criminal justice system. 

He has worked for the courts, is a keen attorney, has been on the front line as a police officer in several jurisdictions, and has even stood up to corruption as a plaintiff and won. 

An Oregon Peace Officers Association medal of honor recipient and current Oakridge police officer, James will include this vital experience as our next D.A. His integrity and commitment to transparency and fairness are resolute. 

Cleavenger is hungry and excited about serving our county and will bring vigor, transparency and the progressive management I feel are sorely missed in this important office. I feel he will balance compassion and common sense with a toughness on crime — all while managing his staff brilliantly.

I encourage all Western Lane County residents to look at the facts and vote for the best candidate, who I believe is James Cleavenger. 

—Michael J. Kello


McLeod-Skinner for Secretary of State

We are so fortunate to have Jamie McLeod-Skinner stepping up to the plate to run as a rural Democrat for Secretary of State. I met Jamie when I lived in The Dalles when she ran against Oregon District 2 Congressman Greg Walden. During that race, Jamie traveled over 40,000 miles to connect with rural Oregonians to have conversations about what unites rather than divides us. 

Even though the seat was retained by the incumbent, Jamie made an impressive showing and Greg Walden has decided to retire.

I am now a resident of Florence, and was proud to introduce Jamie McLeod-Skinner to Florence residents this last December. Her background and experience makes her uniquely qualified to assume the role of Secretary of State including:

1) Management of multi-million dollar projects to reconstruct schools in war-torn countries, providing community services, and improving organizations.

2) A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) background with degrees in civil engineering (RPI), regional planning (Cornell), and law (U of O) with emphasis on natural resources, water, and Indian law, and

3) Government experience including frontline staff, management, an elected representative, and a union member.

With Jamie McLeod-Skinner as a candidate in the upcoming May 19 primary, Oregonians have the opportunity to vote for someone with proven leadership and experience in all areas of the role of Secretary of State. 

McLeod-Skinner is the only candidate with grassroots support that does not accept money from mega-corporate PACS, the fossil fuel industry, or big pharma. 

I encourage everyone to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Secretary of State. Not only is Jamie uniquely qualified to give a voice to Oregonians from every corner of the state, she listens, understands, and has a deep commitment to Oregon.

—Beverly Sherrill