Not ‘propaganda’ to value life — Letters to the Editor, Feb. 29, 2020

Not ‘propaganda’ to value life

In response to the Letters to the Editor in the Feb. 26 edition of the Siuslaw News regarding “propaganda” at the FEC indoor garage sale with the participation of Oregon Right To Life:

It is not propaganda to value life.

Pro-life was at the event to sell its wares. In order to do so, we need to educate and raise awareness for the need to be advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves — the unborn.

Therefore, the necessity of having models of babies in-utero was a must. There were also babies at different stages of development for children to hold.

I can’t believe or understand how someone could be “horrified” or “offended” at the beauty of life in a womb as this is how we all began.

There were pregnant mothers lifting their children to show them at what stage in development their brother or sister is that will soon be born. There were also mothers and fathers showing their children how they looked inside their mommy’s tummy before they were born.

The group sold more than 100 bracelets, 50 doll babies and numerous T-shirts. Our group was, thankfully, given numerous donations to keep up the good work — plus many “thumbs up” for being at the FEC.

To state that “many were horrified” is wrong. While giving out happy-face stickers and balloons, I did not see one “horrified” or “offended” child — just lots of smiles.

We should remember, as a friend of mine told me today: “When you’re pregnant with your child, or your child is pregnant with your grandchild, we celebrate the new life as a baby.”

When, then, does it change to only being a fetus?

Thanks for the support of those who value life; we’ll pray for those who don’t.

—RoNelle Kuert

Florence Chapter Coordinator

Oregon Right to Life


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