No goodbye, Gun regulations, Take pride — Letters to the Editor 11-10-17

Don’t want to say goodbye to Florence

I love the Florence area but will be spending my money elsewhere unless the rampant thefts at local campgrounds are stopped.

I have been coming to the area from Langley, B.C., with my family for eight years now to enjoy the ORV opportunities that the city has on its doorstep.

We average six weeks in Florence each year and, by my conservative estimate, spend anywhere between $1,000- $2,000 per week at local businesses. My hard-earned money is not only spent at Florence Yamaha and Sportsman Honda, but also at the many local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and in antique shops and movie theater on rainy days.

Looking at the number of ORV enthusiasts there are at Jessie Honeyman and Driftwood II campgrounds, my math tells me that this adds up to a significant part of Florence’s economy.

Until recently, the only thefts that we would hear about would be the occasional unlocked jerrycan or cooler.

Although unpleasant, not enough to ruin a holiday.

This past October, however, my family, along with three other families, were staying at Honeyman State Park for seven days. During our stay, there were lock cables cut and items stolen every single night.

This includes the theft of an ATV.

One of the families in our party had a heavy-duty cable lock cut only 3 feet from where his head was while he was sleeping. They only lost a couple of full jerrycans but the frustration and feelings of violation still exist.

I highly recommend that the City of Florence make it a high priority to address the issue with state and county police, as well as the state parks to end this crime wave. Myself and a number of the families that we regularly travel with to Florence with have agreed that we will give it one last shot as we already have a trip booked in December.

But if anything is stolen while we are there, we sadly feel the need to say goodbye to the Florence area and establish a different riding location down the coast as our destination of choice.

I travel 600 miles to Florence’s outdoor mecca, as do many others who travel similar distances. Please don’t let a few criminals drive this significant contribution to the local economy away — leaving local business owners and their employees to suffer the most.

—Kelly Dayman

Langley, British Columbia



The NRA and the gun lobby are not organizations that are protecting 2nd Amendment rights; they are protecting the profits of gun manufacturers.


In Texas last Sunday, 26 innocent souls were lost due to violence with the use of a gun and a dozen people were injured. Every day in this country, 90 human beings are lost due to an individual with a gun.  A gun has no  other purpose but to kill — someone or something. A semi-automatic or automatic gun is a weapon of war, with the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Assault weapons should be banned from being owned by anyone outside of the military. All high capacity magazines of ammunition should be banned as well.

All weapons should be registered.

Anyone attempting to buy ammunition should be required to show the registration for the gun for which they are buying that ammunition.

No registration, no ammo. 

The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to own a gun, but says nothing about laws or restrictions on types of guns or ammo.

It’s time.

—Marybeth Marenco



Take pride in our county and city

Do you see trash, bottles and cans littering the roadside in front of your house? Why not take a few minutes and walk your property where it abuts the roadside? Or walk another 10 yards beyond your property line in each direction and pick up the garbage?

Those of us who live next to county roads certainly cannot count on Lane County to do it. 

I questioned our Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozevich some time ago about getting the jail inmates to do it. After all, it doesn’t seem they are doing much anyway.

His reply was something along the lines of not being allowed by the unions to have staff out there watching the inmates.

And the blackberries and Scotchbroom growing by the roadsides? The county barely mows that anymore, apparently due to budget constraints again. 

I guess I’ll have to take on that myself, too. 

So, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

Take pride in our county and city.

—Dana Rodet



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