New city hall fits Florence; Mural doesn't reflect community; Franklin has best argument; Fifty-two years too late — Letters to the Editor, Feb. 9, 2019

Mural doesn’t reflect our community

Florence is an excellent place to visit and live. We have rivers, lakes, the ocean, sand dunes, golf and Historic Old Town. Having murals throughout our town depicting all that the town has to offer can certainly add to the enjoyment of everyone.

However, the mural that will adorn the PUD building (already contracted by the art committee) seems totally unrelated to our area.

Further, at a cost of $60,000, I believe that our city’s funds can be better spent.

Hopefully, future projects will reflect the beauty of our area.

—Sherill Androsky


New City Hall fits Florence

I was recently amused by a Letter to the Editor claiming, in their opinion, the new city hall building is too extravagant, opulent and expensive. In my experience as a local designer, all I can say is that 1) many of our citizens are bound to be critical and complain that the City scrimped on the design or 2) love the innovation of modern architecture.

Should the new city hall have been modeled after a refrigerator box to appear practical?

Unfortunately, the only taste some people have is limited to their mouths. Personally, I think the design is imaginative, beautiful and reminds me of the gently flowing waves of the ocean.

What could be more perfect for Florence?

But that’s my own opinion, for what it’s worth... based on my own taste buds.

—Bill Craig


Benjamin Franklin has best argument for new school

Benjamin Franklin’s quote from the Letter to the Editor in Wednesday’s paper “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” is the best argument for a new high school that  I have seen — so, thank you.

To answer Dalton’s question from a letter the week before (“How Come?” a new city hall but no new high school? Feb. 2), because the tourists can’t see the high school from Highway 101, that’s why.

—Ed Gunderson


Fifty-two years too late to help in Vietnam

So President Trump is going to Vietnam this month.


Just 52 years too late to have been any help to me or my buddies.

—Gary L. Brock


Specialist 4, 1st Infantry Division

Vietnam, March 1967-March 1968

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