Model driving behavior; Polls mean little — Letters to the Editor, May 4, 2020

Model driving behavior we want to see

We’ve been seeing Florence PD writing tickets on Rhododendron lately. One simple thing we can all do when our city is swamped with tourists and their thousands of cars is to model the driving behavior we expect in our community.

I have found that most drivers adjust when I go the speed limit on Highway 101, for example, or on Ninth Street. Sadly, many who tailgate at 25 mph will still tailgate at 35 or 40 mph — so they get no cooperation from me.

I work hard at avoiding confrontational actions.

No lie, it’s a struggle. But keeping cool has its own rewards.

How great would it be if Florence, Mapleton and the whole area’s residents earned a reputation not only for being welcoming and friendly, but also as a community that does not tolerate nonsense on our roads?

Florence already offers so many opportunities for thrill seeking.

Let’s reinforce our reputation as a safe place for fun.

—Christopher W. Fugate


Polls mean little

In this joyful season of presidential politics, we would do well to realize that if political polling forecast future results, we would have had a President Dewey instead of Truman.

And Donald Trump would now be building his hotel in Moscow.

—Jimmie Zinn



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