McKeown effective; Sales tax message; Respect women — Letters to the editor 9-22-18

McKeown has been an effective representative

I will vote for Representative Caddy McKeown in the Oregon House District 9 race this year. There are many reasons I have chosen to spend my vote in support of this extraordinary public servant but if I could tell just one story that illustrates my reasons why.

Several years ago I was in a meeting with Representative McKeown when she brought up the subject of the transportation issues facing Yachats. The citizens of Yachats had no way of accessing public transportation to reach doctor appointments, better shopping, education or employment opportunities.

To some, this was not a big deal; just another small town that fell through the cracks, but I could tell that it was a big deal to our representative. She has chosen to represent all of her constituents; not just the ones that supported her or of her political persuasion. I heard of the “Yachats” problem over the next months.

The day I learned that the problem had been solved I learned the magnitude of the problem.

The problem had to do with geography. Yachats is in Southern Lincoln County; the closest community with access to opportunity is Florence, located in northern Lane County. In other words, it was someone else’s problem.

We, as a state, have decided that public transportation is a county issue. Representative McKeown had to find a way to work with Lincoln County, Lane County, Yachats, Florence, Oregon Department of Transportation and private partners.

She brought all these parts together with success. The reward for Representative McKeown was very small politically but huge to her personally.

As she stated, this was just her doing her job, what we had elected her to do.

This is just one small example of how Representative McKeown has effectively done her job for us.

—Dick Leshley


What message would a sales tax send to visitors?

Regarding Dr. Sheldon Meyer’s Letter to the Editor “Innovative Tax Idea” (Sept. 19), Meyer was correct that his smug proposal would disgust.

In the real world, people have a budget for a vacation. If we take, say, 10 percent as a visitor tax, then visitors may visit fewer days, e.g. nine rather than 10.

A 10 percent reduction is called a depression.

A great many snowbirds come to Oregon for work on their RVs. If they are subject to tax, they may get the work done elsewhere.

Will Oregonians require ID for every purchase to avoid the tax?

Lastly, what kind of message would it send to visitors that we expect them to fund our children's education?

—Ian Eales


Women need and deserve respect and support

This letter is from a husband, father and grandfather who has protected, loved, supported and honored his wife, daughters and grand-daughter for nearly 50 years. 

This letter, however, is addressed principally to those who share this retired military member’s view that personal, professional and military ethics and values demand we abide by an uncompromising code of integrity; to include respect and human dignity for all women.

The bedrock of moral and character education begins with an internalization of a personal code of honor that demands a man never disrespects or hurts a woman. In my view, these basic principles are based on American values of fairness, support, honesty and respect.

The Washington Post recently revealed that Donald Trump has lied “5,000 times” since arguably becoming a racist, alt-right-acting president who often and openly demeans women and people of color. This should end with not only his impeachment but the removal of all lawmakers who do not protect and treat American women with respect.

The honor code to always protect and respect women is reflected in Mario Savio’s passionate “put your bodies upon the gears” speech given at the University of California, Berkeley in 1964.

Fast forward to 2018 and the #MeToo movement now echoes Savio’s words when it comes to impeaching Trump, and also decrying men in power who no longer respect or protect American women.

— Dave Masko



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