Mapleton schools’ annual art show moves online

June 20, 2020 — This year, Mapleton School District’s annual Sforza Faire art show has moved to an online platform. People can view some of the art and projects produced by Mapleton students at

All school year, including during students’ home schooling under COVID-19, students worked with district art teacher Jessica Nelson on a variety of art.

“Welcome to the virtual 2020 Sforza Faire,” the district wrote on the homepage of the virtual art show. “We hope that you will take the time to look through for a mere sampling of the creativity and brilliance of our Mapleton students.”

According to the website, not every student was able to be included this year due to the COVID-19 shutdown, though efforts have been made to contact all students and families.

“We celebrate the creativity and hard work of ALL of our students. We have made every effort for accuracy and representation,” the district stated.

In the Sforza Faire, categories included kindergarten, first and second grades, third and fourth grades, fifth and sixth grades, middle school and high school.

Kindergarteners produced collages, including mixed media and yarn paintings, as well as drawings, coloring pages and tangrams. Work was inspired by Miro and Frida Kahlo.

First and second graders created collages, symmetry studies, oil pastels, mixed media nature pieces and drawings.

In third and fourth, students designed mixed media pieces inspired by the work of artist Mary Blair, paintings and watercolor and graphite pieces.

As for fifth and sixth grades, these students made papier-mâché masks, which they painted with acrylics, water color and inks, ink wash painting in the style of artist Sumi-e, mixed media collages and 3-D paper collage.

In middle school, students branched out even further. They made linoleum block prints, nesting envelope dolls, papier-mâché and acrylic masks, hand-stitched books, and mixed media mosaics inspired by Pompeii. 

These students took it still further by “showing their work” with systems of linear equations, designing machines “used to make tasks easier,” creating posters in language arts for “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, and illustrating Baba Yaga for an assignment on Slavic myths.

High school students had a lot more freedom with their work. 

Students created mixed media pieces of all kinds, including an anchor with a painted lighthouse; tissue paper and acrylic works; altered books with drawn, painted and layered elements; and paintings, masks and drawings. 

Students also designed optical art in digital and paper media, hand-tinted linoleum block reduction prints, charcoals, graphite, watercolors, shading, self-portraits, triptychs, landscapes and fiber arts. 

There were works inspired by famous artists, fantastical elements and visualizations of formulas, modal maps and equations.

If Mapleton families want more information, they may contact Mapleton Middle/High School Principal Brenda Moyer at [email protected] or Nelson at [email protected].


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