Mapleton Sailors set sail with new mural

April 10, 2021 — When Mapleton School District completed its bond work on the Mapleton High School Gym, it unfortunately meant that the iconic mural of a ship on the wall of the gym had to be painted over.

“We have been searching to find the right person to help us replace the mural,” said Mapleton Superintendent Jodi O’Mara.

Two Mapleton graduates worked together on a solution.

Mapleton Athletic Director Carrie Dean and Educational Assistant Natalie Ross coordinated to get Lola Buckwald, a 1995 Mapleton graduate and artist, to design, stencil and paint a new ship on the gym wall.

Having been a Mapleton graduate, Buckwald knew what the ship looked like and what it represented to Mapleton’s students, staff, community and alumni. She designed an amazing mural that embodied both the old-style ship with an updated flair.

Buckwald began the mural process at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 2, and finished on Saturday afternoon. First, she stenciled the drawing on the wall, then the painting process began. Overall, she spent 10 hours on the extension ladder before she finished.  

“Mapleton School District cannot express in words our gratitude for Lola's work. As a Mapleton graduate, she understands the importance of the ship on the wall and the history of Sailor Pride,” O’Mara said.

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