Mapleton fixes brief water outage April 8


A brief water shutoff took place in Mapleton on Friday morning. Repairs were needed on the main water line to homes in East Mapleton, which also has feeder lines lading to individual residences. The leaking line was replaced and once the air was bled from the pipes the repair was completed in the afternoon on Friday. Service has been completely restored to the area.

April 13, 2022 — The Mapleton Water District has repaired a series of small leaks which had caused the cessation of water delivery to many Mapleton residents last Friday. The shut-off was repaired later that day. 

Mapleton Water Board member Vanessa West posted not only the water shut-off notice, but also posted images of the ongoing repair before announcing the completion of the repair later Friday afternoon. 

“Sorry for the inconvenience and the little to no notice of a water outage this morning,” West stated. “More customers were affected that expected, so only a small amount of customers were warned prior. We are finished (with the repair) and everyone is back online. We tried our best to get all the air out of the lines, but some people might a few little pops of air when they run the sink.”

The job was started and completed April 8. 

She added that a community member had alerted the district, and a crew was quickly put together to fix it.

West asked the community to consider funding the hiring of a grant writer to coordinate and apply for funding which may be available to the district.

“We need more grants for our water district,” West wrote. “We received a couple large grants last year but did not apply for any this year. The grants we received (last year) were written and submitted by volunteer community members, with the board’s help gathering information needed.”

She said that the board has since realized that there are multiple grants for which they qualify, and the board is considering how to access those.

For more information on the Mapleton Water District, call 541-268-4348.