Mapleton celebrates 2021-22 Homecoming

Feb. 5, 2022 — Homecoming is typically celebrated the night of the last football game of the fall sports season. Mapleton did not field a football team this year so, as has been the case with many events this year, Mapleton was forced to improvise. 

Living in a small rural community along with dealing with COVID-19 for the last two years has made this group of MHS students quite adept at adapting and making the best of adversity. Their homecoming celebration was indicative of that. 

The Sailors decided to throw out the typical arrangements and do things a little different. During the break between the Sailor boys and girls basketball teams’ doubleheader versus Mohawk, Mapleton Class President Caleb Lewis announced the 2021-22 Homecoming Court. 

This included: The Omnipotent Monarch Dominic Stewart, freshman, Princess Sammy Linn, sophomore, Supreme Overlord Jeffrey Bernhardt, junior, Benevolent Leader Joe Shepard, senior, and Constitutional Monarch Noah Berg, senior.

Finally, the homecoming court winner was: The Malevolent Dictator senior Brier Shird. 

Shird showed no signs of malevolence before or after accepting her crown. 

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