Making Florence brighter; Sexual Harassment needs proof — Letters to the Editor 12-16-17

Making a brighter Christmas for teens

The 18th annual Tree of Giving at Siuslaw Glass & Mirror was a huge success. We want to thank everyone who participated in making this a brighter Christmas for the teens in our community.

It is  appreciated more than you know.

 —Angie Schafer

Co-owner of Siuslaw Glass & Mirror



Sexual harassment accusations need proof

It seems that we are having an overreaction going on concerning sexual harassment.

Yes, I know many will think me insensitive to the plight of the many women who have endured such despicable behavior.

Not true.

However, what is not being done in these cases is subjective proof. As a fact, in many, there is no proof or even the identity of the accuser/ accusers. We know from past cases that women have lied in rape and harassment cases.

There is no reason to believe that some of the current #metoo persons coming forward are not lying also. However, many a job or reputation will be ruined without having the most basic provision of our law system enacted: The right to face one’s accuser. 

I will say that I have no sympathy for the rightfully accused and there are many, as we have seen. But let us not cheer the swinging of the pendulum as some do without the rightful and just protections that our justice system provides.

—David T. Eckhardt



Less income means less time to volunteer

I’m responding to the recent Siuslaw News article “The Economics of Volunteerism: Is Coastal Life in Jeopardy? Part V” (Dec. 13) because I’m aghast at the general lack of understanding of economic injustice in America, as well as in relation to western Lane County in particular.

We live in a country where three people have as much wealth as 165 million Americans (Gates, Bezos, Buffet). In less than a week, our representatives will vote on a tax bill absurdly being called “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” from which I can’t see where any jobs are created in this bill.

But the rich will get to hoard more of their unearned (Capital Gains) income, buy up more real estate, and either gouge renters or let their many vacation properties sit empty.

I don’t understand why people can’t make a simple connection: With less income for the working class, there is no time to volunteer, which is due to the need to spend more hours working in order to to pay rent, utilities, transportation, food, healthcare expenses, etc.

The beauty of lowering taxes for the rich allows them to fund whatever charities (nonprofits) they choose, and direct those funds as they wish. This leaves nonprofits as little more than tools to play against each other as taxes that had once been collected to help support them are eliminated.

As soon as the retirees pass on, there will be no volunteers left. Social Security will be sacrificed to the gods (the rich) and more pain will be dispersed down to the working adults and children.

Don’t act surprised when the “tax bill” goes through. And don’t think that we’ll be saved by the next election — or the one after that.

Both parties work together for their financial contributors. If you are reading this article, chances are it doesn’t include you.

Happy Holidays everyone.

—Mindy Stone


Stigma association is taught to us

In response to the Siuslaw News article “Upriver Community Plans Future of Healthcare” (Dec. 9):

“ ... But when you say, ‘mental health,’ there’s a  stigma ...”

I believe you mean, when you say “mental health,” there is a stigma because someone taught you to say that.

You will have to teach yourself if you want to stop.

Remember when we were taught rape/stigma? Remember stopping? Remember why?

Remember: It may help you overcome the need to repeat the above.

—Harold A. Maio,

Retired mental health editor

Ft. Myers, Fla.


Making Florence a little brighter

I would like to say thank you to the City of Florence and everyone else that worked on the excellent lighting up of the Old Town Park area.

Everyone should take the time to drive down and walk through it. I think it’s the best lighting project on the central Oregon coast.

You will be surprised how nice it will make you feel.

Thanks for making Florence a little brighter for us all.

— Don and Norma Saxon


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