Lynne D. Finney

Lynne D. Finney, Acclaimed author, recently completed her earthly experience, article February 5, 2022.

FINNEY—Acclaimed author Lynne D. Finney recently completed her earthly experience in Alpena, Mich. She spent several years in Florence and is remembered as the inspiration behind the Florence Educational Foundation that has been providing learning opportunities for students since 2016. Lynne served on the original board of directors for the foundation and always had suggestions for fundraising projects and group events.

Lynne’s eventful life included a magna cum laude degree from Loyola University Law School in Los Angeles followed by a move to Washington D.C., where she served as chief counsel to a U.S. Senator and was appointed by President Carter to a task force at the White House to research business opportunities for women.

She was the founder of a national professional organization that encourages women to reach their full potential. She also served as a delegate to the United Nations Development Program and worked as a diplomat with the U.S. Foreign Service.

While on a skiing trip to Park City, Utah, she made the decision to move there to pursue a new career in psychotherapy. After earning her M.S.W., she traveled the world presenting self-empowerment workshops for survivors of childhood abuse. Her best-selling book, “Reach for the Rainbow,” is a classic in the field.


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