Local teachers show appreciation for ‘home teachers’

May 6, 2020 — May 4 through 8 is Teacher Appreciation Week and, like many other events, it looks a little different under social distancing rules required by COVID-19.

In Florence, Siuslaw Elementary School staff decided that they wanted to extend appreciation from local teachers to the parents, guardians, relatives and all the people working to help keep area youth educated.

“We’re turning this around a bit for this year,” staff said in a post on the school’s Face-book page. “In honor of all the new ‘teachers’ who are working hard out there this spring, Happy Home-Teacher Appreciation Week.”

SES staff put together a 3-minute video of thanks and acknowledgement. 

“We know you didn’t sign up for this. We understand. … This distance learning is hard,” members of the staff said.

Participants included teachers, cafeteria crew, administration and other staff.

According to first grade teacher Shannon Graham, district music teacher Amanda Sarles was the motivating force behind the video and the message.

“Since  this is Teacher Appreciation Week, we were really feeling how hard it is for everyone,” Graham said. “This is hard on us, but we now have come to realize that we have brand new teachers in our district this year, and there are home teachers who are teaching their kids at home. What we wanted to do was turn around our thank you and say, ‘We see you, and we appreciate you’ to our home teachers.”

The video thanks the people who have had to teach math, science, reading, social studies, art and music to kids, all from home.

“We thank you and appreciate all that you are doing so that your kids, our kids and our community make it through these uncertain times,” staff said in the video. “Even though we’re apart, we are in this together.”

Staff members also took the time to make signs and will be putting them up this week.

“We’re sharing to the families at home that we know this is hard, we appreciate all that they are doing and we see them,” Graham said. “Thank you for stepping up, supporting us and becoming your child’s teacher! We recognize and appreciate all your efforts as teachers on the home front.”

To watch the video, go to www.facebook.com/sesvikings/. 

For more information about SES, visit siuslaw.k12.or.us.


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