Local emergency services moving forward as ‘One team’

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March 6, 2019 — Since December 2016, Western Lane Ambulance District (WLAD) and Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue (SVFR) have been sharing management and administrative services in a joint effort to increase efficiencies in service.

At that time, we adopted the slogan “Working Together for Our Community.” We’ve surpassed that slogan… to that of “One Team”

You’ll see WLAD paramedics on fire scenes providing firefighter support; you’ll see SVFR firefighters on medical emergencies providing support to our medics; on rescues and motor vehicle accidents, we work seamlessly as “One Team’.’

Bringing our agencies closer together is providing greater service to our communities, with WLAD providing initial and ongoing medical training to our firefighters, both career and volunteer. In addition, WLAD Operations Chief Matt House is providing vehicle rescue and extrication training.

At the same time, SVFR houses a back-up ambulance and places it in service when needed — you may find a firefighter driving an ambulance when two paramedics are needed to attend to a critical patient.

It’s important for both SVFR and WLAD to provide the best possible services, as efficiently as possible. We are continuing to explore ways to maximize the tax dollars residents have entrusted to us.

Continuing to grow as “One Team” is working. As a result, both elected Boards of Directors for SVFR and WLAD will be considering a proposal to create a joint entity to formalize a combined administrative team and serve as a foundation for future areas that could be shared.

The elected boards are working cooperatively as are your firefighters and medics in order to provide the best services possible.

And to do so as “One Team.”

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