LCC waives fees for GED studies

Program increases access to education

April 6, 2022 — Lane Community College (LCC) has announced that individuals interested in attending the Adult Basic Secondary Education (ABSE) Department, for help preparing them for the GED examinations, have begun waiving tuition and fees for ABSE classes and only require a $27 transportation fee each term. 

“Education is a key to increased earnings and better health, and it all starts with finishing a high school credential,” said Lane Community College Division Dean Anna Gates Tapia. “There are many reasons people don’t graduate, but we want to ensure people continue to have that opportunity.”

Students enrolled in the ABSE programs do not even need to buy books, as the program uses open educational resources that allows the student to access or download the texts for free.

At this time, Florence area residents are not able to attend classes in person at the Florence campus, but can take advantage of the fee reduction online. Eventually those classes will reconvene and fee waivers will continue for in-person classes.

Available in both English and Spanish, the classes are categorized by language or math development and focus on the four major areas of the GED examinations and college preparation, including math, science, social studies and language arts. Classes are offered during the morning, afternoon and evening in a variety of formats that include hybrid Zoom, hybrid in-person and a combination of in-person/live stream.

For those with a GED or high school diploma who might want a refresher or skill building opportunity, the ABSE at LCC also offers college preparatory classes. 

These classes are designed to prepare learners who need to build or brush up on college readiness skills for post-secondary education, including math, reading, writing and student success principles. In addition to the waived fee, this can be a cost savings for those who can take tuition-free courses as an alternative to developmental education courses. 

Doing so allows students to reserve their financial aid dollars for the required courses in their programs.
“Students can expect a highly supportive environment where instructors and staff meet students, where they assist them in realizing their goals,” said Gates Tapia. “Typically, students enroll in up to 10 hours of instruction, with minimal additional homework. We understand that our students have many responsibilities in addition to improving their lives through education, and work with students as individuals to create plans that work for them.”

LCC educates over 25,000 students annually at six locations across Lane County and online. 

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