Lane County seeks community input

Residents invited to take strategic plan survey by this Friday

Feb. 7, 2018 — Lane County is in the process of creating a strategic plan to last from 2018 to 2021. Now, people from all over the county are invited to take a survey online at before Friday, Feb. 9.

“As an elected representative and advocate for West Lane County, it is important to me that coastal residents’ priorities for the future of our community are included in Lane County’s effort to update its three-year strategic plan,” said Western Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich.

Lane County contracted with Portland State University’s Center for Public Service to develop the updated plan and run the survey to learn about where to focus county efforts over the next three years. The survey is relatively short and should take five to 10 minutes. It seeks perspectives on the county’s work for its citizens and communities.

The previous strategic plan, from 2014 to 2017, set the county’s priorities for a Safe, Healthy County, Vibrant Communities and Infrastructure. Under each of these priorities were several objectives with action items. The Board of Commissioners held annual work sessions in December of each year as well as quarterly updates.

“That focus led to improved financial stability, economic development efforts focused on rural communities, expansion of our Community Health Centers and so much more,” Bozievich said.

Lane County began the 2018 strategic planning process on Jan. 3 with a work session. It also held focus groups with the community and with staff to gather input about the strengths and weaknesses of the current strategic plan, as well as opportunities and threats out on the horizon.

On Feb. 27, the Lane County Board of Commissioners will have a presentation of the Draft 2018-2021 Strategic Plan with the hope of a final adopted plan in early March.

“Our vision is that Lane County is the best county to live, work and play,” Bozievich said. “Achieving that vision requires all of us, from the coast to the Cascades, to help set the priorities for our future and work together to make it a reality.”

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