Lane County Public Health recommends indoor masking for all community members as of July 13

Photo by Metro Creative Connection

A Lane County recommendation, not a mandate

July 13, 2022 — Lane County Public Health (LCPH) today announced that due to sustained community transmission and a strained medical system, it is recommending all community members in Lane County mask up in indoor spaces. 

This recommendation follows Oregon Health Authority and Centers for Disease Control guidelines and is especially timely as thousands of visitors are expected in Lane County over the next several weeks for a variety of events, including the World Athletics Championships.

“Quite frankly, we as a community are vulnerable,” said Senior Public Health Officer Dr. Patrick Luedtke. “Our medical system is currently strained, we have a significant influx of people, and we have high COVID case rates. The time to act is now in order to insure everyone in Lane County who needs emergency care is able to receive it.”

It is important to note that this recommendation is being made as a recommendation and is not a mandate. As always, LCPH urges community members to respect the decisions of other community members when it comes to masking.

Please note: masking requirements remain the same in healthcare settings.

 Additionally, LCPH recommends getting vaccinated if you haven’t already and a booster shot for those who have completed their initial vaccination. People will be able to get an Omicron booster this fall even if you get boosted now. Getting a booster shot now will not only help prevent infection but will also prevent severe disease.

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