Lane County Lease good for North Jetty Park

I have high confidence that our local rangers will do an excellent job of supporting the North Jetty Park

(Editor’s Note: Viewpoint submissions on this and other topics are always welcome as part of our goal to encourage community discussion and exchange of perspectives.)

July 6, 2019 — I’m very pleased the North Jetty Park community meeting conducted by Lane County Parks was so well attended with standing room only. Although the session started with the objections of those who want to retain free access to the ocean, it progressed to a meaningful discussion about the many benefits of Lane County Parks taking over, and recognition by many of the need for a parking fee.

There are many who deserve thanks for making this a very productive meeting. First and foremost I thank the residents from the Florence area who answered the call to attend the meeting.

Charlie Conrad from Lane County Parks is to be commended for his great job as moderator, especially explaining the role of the County Parks in the leasing arrangement.  Charlie has been in Florence for several previous planning sessions.

Brett Henry, Parks Manager, deserves thanks for reminding us of the Lane County Park Master Plan and its call for a volunteer coordinator who will support partnerships and volunteers from our community. Volunteers, of which there are many in Florence, can provide the North Jetty Park with habitat rehabilitation, educational and interpretive opportunities.

I was glad to see a representative from the Department of State Lands in attendance so he could hear firsthand what needs to be done to fix the potholes in the short and long term.

I have high confidence that our local rangers led by Dan Anderson will do an excellent job of supporting the North Jetty Park. Dan provided reassurance at the meeting that safety would be adequately addressed in a timely manner, a concern of many at the meeting.

Finally, I wish to thank Dan Hurley, Head of Lane County Public Works, and members of the Park Advisory Committee, including our own local Pat Bradshaw, for attending the meeting. They can provide positive feedback to the County Commissioners who will make the final decision to proceed.

As someone who worked on the Parks Master Plan Task Force representing the coast, hosted at Harbor Vista Park for a year, and formed the Friends of Harbor Vista Park, I saw firsthand how thoughtful Lane County Parks has been by involving local communities in the planning process.

A long term leasing arrangement by Lane County Parks at the North Jetty will be a great benefit to our community.


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