Kids’ Corner for older ‘kids’ too; Respecting Constitution, Bible not exclusive; Non-partisanship a two-way street; Let’s do something cooperative and constructive — Letters to the Editor, July 29, 2020

Kids’ Corner not just for older ‘kids’ too

Many thanks to the weekly Kids’ Corner page in the Siuslaw News. I always enjoy “This Day in History” and the many varied puzzles are great for my elderly brain.

My neurologist recommends that I exercise my brain frequently with new activities, and Kids’ Corner has a grand variety of word challenges, such as Hocus Focus and Kids’ Maze as visual puzzles, and also the fun riddles.

After reading them, I send the pages to three of my young relatives across the country.

Thanks also to Oregon Pacific Bank, First Community Credit Union and the Siuslaw Public Library for sponsoring the Kids’ Corner. 

—Ann Lathrop


Respecting Constitution, Bible is not exclusive

In response to Keith Kraft’s definition of “far right” in his July 22 Letter to the Editor (“What ‘Far-Right’ Means To Me.”)

Mr. Kraft fails to understand that others can also respect both the Constitution and the Bible but may have different interpretations of them.

I believe that kneeling respectfully during the national anthem honors that anthem, the flag and those who have fought and died for it as an exercise in both the Constitutional right to freedom of expression, and the Christian obligation to call out and address the ways in which we have failed, as a nation, to live up to the ideals of both Christ and the founding fathers.

I believe peaceful protestors — like the moms, dads and veterans in Portland — who are being gassed should be allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly as well as their Christian right to stand for the oppressed — without being assaulted by American troops in combat gear.  

Mr. Kraft’s suggestion that BLM is led by Marxists reflects a misconstrual of what it means to be trained in Marxist theory. 

Marxist theory raises questions like: “Why was the average CEO salary 30 times higher than the average worker’s salary in the 1970s, but today it is nearly 300 times higher?” It also considers the causes and potential solutions to those grossly unfair and inequitable conditions.

It is our Constitutional right and Christian obligation to raise and address issues of systemic inequality in our country.

While I agree most police are dedicated to protect and serve, because of the great power and responsibility they are given it is appropriate to apply a higher level of scrutiny and hold them to a higher standard of behavior in order to prevent the abuse of that power and the abrogation of citizens’ Constitutional rights.

And Christian compassion for those less fortunate than us calls for funding community services to assist with problems like mental illness, homelessness and drug addiction — issues a police force is ill-equipped yet often called upon to deal with. 

It is true that a nation cannot exist without borders; it also cannot exist without immigrants. Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia ruled that refugees and immigrants have a Constitutional right to due process, and we have a Christian duty to treat them humanely.  When I listen to Black people and attempt to view the world from their perspective (something I think Christian teaching in compassion compels us to do), it is clear that my white skin has afforded me advantages.

I’m sorry that Mr. Kraft cannot find it in his heart to do the same.

—Donna Mlinek


Non-partisanship is a two-way street

“Amazing, simply amazing” as my departed Aunt Vera would say if she were still here on this side of the grass, in regards to Joshua Greene’s Guest Viewpoint in the July 15 edition of the Siuslaw News (“Politics Should Have No Place In Our Local Government”). 

He used up 28-1/2 inches of column print to complain of, and I quote, “far-right ideals governing by proxy — which does not represent all of our constituents.”

He blasted three members of our local government as aligning themselves with our “far-right community, outspoken pro-Trump supporters.”

I would remind Mr. Greene that his left-leaning also does not represent all of our constituents.

Throughout his Guest Viewpoint, he ranted about non-partisanship. So I assume those who don’t have liberal left-leaning thoughts or who conform to his way of thinking are displaying partisanship?

To my way of thinking, his entire Guest Viewpoint displays nothing but the lack of non-partisanship, which he so readily displayed. 

“Simply amazing” as Aunt Vera would say, “simply amazing.”

— Tony Cavarno


Let’s do something cooperative and constructive

In my opinion, our city council is being stubborn in its denial to allow even a formal discussion of the possible need for an official stance on the local impacts of climate change.

I hate to think that those opposed are ones who don’t believe the scientific proof, or that the science is a hoax. We live in an area which may become greatly affected by climate change in the not-too-distant future.

This is a fact.

Certain stages of that unavoidable change should be discussed and prepared for on behalf of the people who pay the taxes. There needs to be community education to help prepare ourselves and learn ways to reduce our own contribution to the problem.

The council should reconsider the recent proclamation request put forth by councilor Ron Preisler (council member).

Every town must do its part to preserve tomorrow for their descendants. Our youth are looking at their futures right now; giving them reassurance that we appreciate their voices and needs in our community is of uttermost importance.

Let’s do something cooperative and constructive: I ask that City Council members including our Mayor reconsider and allow the discussion with all egos aside.

—Wende Jarman



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