Karen Lynn Orobey

Karen Lynn Orobey passed away March 26, 2022.

OROBEY—Karen Lynn Orobey passed away March 26, 2022.

She was born April 7, 1959.

Karen loved so many people and saved countless animals throughout the world, now causing oceans of tears to be created. Followed by tsunami of love and smiles as we remember her for who she is, not was.

Karen traveled the world with her husband who is left behind, in addition leaving a sister, sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, a godchild, grand-nephews, grand-nieces, her beloved dogs and friends around the world, who already miss her deeply whilst remembering her smiling face and laugh and uplifting voice.

Karen loved her life in Florence, surrounded by all its natural beauty that she proudly shared with her visitors who always planned a return visit.

She lived overseas 28 years. She accomplished so much as a co-founder of two animal shelters in Kuwait; she found ways to get rescued animals from military personal serving in Iraq back to the states. There was nothing she would not put herself through as long as it helped one of God’s creations (including humans).

Karen loved to travel see new places, turn acquaintances into friends, then into lifelong friends around the world while taking as many pictures as she could. In every photo of her, she is sharing her smile.

If you knew her or if you want to know about her, we are celebrating Karen on April 7 at 2 p.m. at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 85294 Highway 101 South, Florence, OR 97439. The only requirement is for each tear shed be replaced with two smiles as she smiles back. When you leave, you are encouraged to pull a “Karen” by helping a stranger or saving/supporting an animal shelter in your community.

She kept her vow until the end “to death do us part” with her one and only husband for 38 years. Hopefully, much later upon my death we will be reunited. It will take eternity to relive all that happiness — so say I, Alex. Her love will never run dry, will never stop being felt in my heart and mind. Her good karma continues to grow with everyone she has touched with her good works that inspire others.

Now Smile and go do something good with Joy in your heart.

We all miss you, my love.

Deeply missed! Happily remembered! Never to be forgotten!

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Karen’s memory to your local animal shelter, help Karen to continue to save lives and make others happy.


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