Join ‘Lose-To-Win-a-Ton’ contest to get fit in New Year

The Siuslaw News, PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center and Coastal Fitness & Aquatics are reaching out the Florence Area to challenge community members to successfully meet their weight-loss goals — the man and women who lose the most percentage of weight overall will each win $500. 2nd place will receive a 6-month membership to Coastal Fitness & Aquatics.
The idea of the contest is to serve as a catalyst for improving decisions about fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles made by individuals, groups and institutions within the greater Florence area community.
Lose to Win is a 14-week weight-loss challenge that counts on people's competitiveness as motivation. Participants' weights are checked weekly at Coastal Fitness & Aquatics. Each week, volunteers from PeaceHealth Peace Harbor will weigh participants. The top 10 participants who lose the most weight in percentage of total body weight are listed weekly by first name and percentage loss in the Siuslaw News Saturday edition.
The challenge will run from Jan. 24 through May. 2.  If participants miss more than two weigh-ins, they are no longer part of the program. Registration forms are available at the Siuslaw News, Peace Harbor Gift Shop, Coastal Fitness & Aquatics or download the registration form below. 

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