Jamming on the sand

The annual Sand Master Jam sandboarding competition drew sand boarders of all ages and levels to Honeyman State Park for a chance to make waves on the dunes

July 24, 2019 — Sandboarders from across the state rode their way through the sands of Honeyman State Park as the Sand Master Jam was held last Saturday. The Jam is an annual event held each year on the third Saturday of July and is sanctioned by Dune Riders International, the governing body for regional and international sandboard competitions.

“The event proceeded smoothly on a windy afternoon and all the participants had a great time encouraging each other to do their very best,” said Lon Beale, founder of Sand Master Park, which sponsored the event. Beale worked alongside former world champion and Guinness Book speed record holder Erick Johnson in officiating the event.

The standouts for the event were locals Brandon Livingston, who had the fastest run of the day, tying the speed record at 32 miles per hour.

In the Pro Division, an unprecedented three-way-tie occurred for first place. Gabe Cruz, from North Bend, had 18 points after coming in second in slalom and second in the drag race with a top speed of 31.4 miles per hour.

Livingston, of Florence, also earned 18 points after coming in third in slalom and first in drag with a top speed of 32 miles per hour.

Eugene boarder Matt Walton earned 18 points as well after coming in first in slalom and third in drag. His top speed was 29.6 miles per hour.

Oregon City's Matt Carter came in fourth with 14 points, followed by Klamath Falls’ Jackson Cruz with 12.

In the Amature division, Sitceles Fry from Florence took first place with 20 points, earning first in slalom and drag race with a top speed of 30.1 miles per hour.

Eugene’s Diego Chaves took second with 17 points, finishing second in slalom and third in drag with a top speed of 27.6 miles per hour.

And Florence’s Patrick Hill took third with 16 points, coming in fourth in slalom and second in drag with a top speed of 28.9 miles per hour.

Eugene’s Jose Chaves and Oregon City’s Rosie Carter finished in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

“We also had half a dozen people who loved what they saw and wanted to give it a try,” Beale said. “All the competitors were more than happy to introduce our sport to newcomers and they too had a blast.”

The Sand Master Jam was sponsored by Sand Master Park, Driftwood Shores Resort, Little Brown Hen Cafe, ICM Seafood Restaurant, Venomous Sandboards, Dakine and Xwest Custom Clothing.


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