In Thanks, Society gone mad — Letters for June 15, 2022


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In Thanks

Thank you, friends and neighbors, on behalf of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post No. 3232 and the VFW Auxiliary.

Thanks for all the support of our Buddy Poppy Welfare Program. Your enthusiastic support for our veterans continues to amaze me.

Harold Morgan - Buddy Poppy Chairman

For VFW Post No. 3232

A Society Gone Mad

Bloviating and beating your chest will not deter the misfits of a society gone mad. Single-parent homes, alcohol, drugs, crazy video games, online and the constant hate spewing from politicians and the media — kids need stability.

The shooter in Texas wanted suicide by cop and a big media splash. He succeeded. He had an hour; he could have killed every child with a single-shot derringer, a box cutter a knife, a sword, a spear, a bow and arrow — all of which are war weapons.

Every time you mention the word AR-15, you glorify the device.

Red Flag Law — what a handy way to get even with your neighbor for leaving the trash can out.

And who is your standard for mental health? All the shooters have had background checks.

Love your children. Stay vigilant, harden the schools.

This could be coming to a place near you.

Martin Cable - Dunes City