Impressed by Boomer; Let's stop political hatred — Letters to the Editor, Feb. 5, 2020

Impressed by Boomer Wright

I met a man last Friday.

This man impressed me because he is pro-choice, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Trump, advocates lower taxes and would like to help straighten things out in Salem.

His name is Boomer Wright and he will be in the running for the position of State Representative for the 9th District.

When the campaigns start for the 2020 elections, check him out.  We need someone in Salem to represent stances which were put into play by our founding fathers.

—David Lynch


Let’s stop the political hatred

What brought me to write this letter is this: just in the last month I have had terrible statements made to me regarding politics.

When the subject of possible 2020 political candidates arose, the response ranged from “I hate Trump” to “If you voted for Trump you voted for Hitler.”

In return, I said, “Over half of American people voted for Trump.”

Their response was “One third of the people voted for Hitler.”

I am being told that if I voted for Trump I voted for Hitler.

Why bring up such an evil individual and such hatred now?

While everybody likes a good debate, let us not engage in that debate at the expense of hatred.

Especially not in somebody’s home.

Please refrain from invoking hatred because the hatred will tear us apart.

Where does this hatred come from? Nobody but yourself. Only you can invoke hate from within. It is a non-external item only you can generate.

—Phillip DeMers



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