How to provide comments, participate in public meetings for City of Florence

In the weeks ahead, the City of Florence will hold multiple public meetings with the City Council, Planning Commission and the City’s various Committees.

Public Meetings are an opportunity for the City’s governing bodies to discuss important issues and to hear from our constituents and we want to hear from community members.

Watching or viewing a virtual meeting:

Although COVID-19 executive orders note that citizens are not able to attend City meetings in person, can still listen to, view and participate in City meetings.

Citizens can listen and view to meetings live through the following options:

• GotoWebinar: The City of Florence utilizes the ‘GoToWebinar’ platform, which allows citizens to view and listen to the meeting online, or to listen to the meeting via telephone.

Each meeting has a specific link to access to the meeting. Visit the City of Florence website ( > ‘Calendar’ > ‘Meeting date’).

The Go-toWebinar platform is how parties can participate in the meeting live.

• Charter Cable Channel 191 and Online Access: Meetings are also shown live on Cable Channel 191 and online at

• In addition, after the meeting, recordings of the video are posted to the each meeting’s website ( > ‘Calendar’ > ‘Meeting Date’).

Expressing Views at a City Public Meeting: Citizens wishing to express their views at a City Public meeting may do so in both written and verbal formats.

1. Written Comments:

Citizens wishing to express their views are encouraged to submit written comments since it allows for the public body to review and consider the remarks in advance of the public meeting.

Written testimony can be submitted via email, regular mail or by dropping it off at Florence City Hall. Written comments must be received at least 2 hours prior to the start of the meeting in order to be distributed to the public body, posted to the City of Florence’s meeting website and made part of the record.

2. Verbal Comments:

Citizens wishing to express their views verbally at a public meeting may do so via participation in the meeting via the GotoWebinar platform.

In order to participate verbally during the meeting, citizens will be required to complete a speaker’s card at least 1 hour prior to start of the meeting. Speakers cards are available online or by contacting City of Florence staff (see contact information below).

Once a citizen completes a speaker’s card, staff will contact them with information on how to provide their comments, so it is very important that parties complete their contact information on the speaker’s card.

The GotoWebinar platform allows parties to participate in the meeting online via video conference, or offline via phone conference. If at all possible, and for a better user experience, citizens are encouraged to participate in the meeting online.

For more information about the GotoWebinar platform, including how to register for a webinar, join and participate in the meeting, visit the City of Florence website at

For more information and specifics about each of the City’s Public bodies requirements, visit the City of Florence websites below:

Florence City Council:

Website Link:; or

• Contact City Recorder/Economic Development Coordinator Kelli Weese at [email protected] or call 541-997-3437

Florence Planning


• Website Link: ning-commission-speak ers-card

• Contact City of Florence Planning Department at [email protected] or call 541-997-8237

City of Florence Committees:

• Website Link:

• Contact City Recorder/Economic Development Coordinator Kelli Weese at [email protected]

For more information on the City of Florence’s Temporary Public Meeting Policies, visit the City of Florence website at

For details regarding the upcoming City Council meeting, contact City Recorder/Economic Development Coordinator Kelli Weese at 541-997-3437 or via email at [email protected]


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