How does Congress leave with more money; Better examples for the young; Florence still best — Letters to the Editor, Oct. 23, 2019

Have gratitude and support each other, despite our differences.

How do those in Congress leave with more money?

I agree with Dolly Brock’s opinion (“The Problem Is More Than Senators’ Salaries,” Oct. 19) that there are things to worry about in this country presently, not necessarily the points she is concerned with however.

She overlooked a couple of big ones, such as opposition to building the wall to keep illegals from continuing to eat up billions of our tax dollars in benefits.

Another one, of course, is the designation of sanctuary cities by liberal mayors and city councilors that allows law-breaking illegals to hide out like the bad guys in old western movies.

And how is it that many of our Senators and Representatives leave Congress — both parties included — with many times more money than their annual salary and benefits provide?

A lot of us would like to have that answer, although I’m sure most of us have figured that out.

—Tony Cavarno


Must be better examples for the young

Sometimes, we all have a “lost-in-translation” moment. You see, read, hear or touch something you don’t understand — and don’t know why.

That is being Human; we all are.

Sometimes, when we don’t knowing something, our first response is frustration or anger. We don’t ask inquiring questions, try to understand or accept another’s point of view or idea.

We generally learn these things in childhood but sometimes forget them as adults.

As adults, we are supposed to be helping those younger than us learn, explore and discover — yet we sometimes forget this. Young people look up to us, seeking knowledge, acceptance and encouragement.

Let us all use our power of being human to take a moment, learn, help and understand each other. Have gratitude and support each other, despite our differences.

—Jo Beaudreau


Florence still best of all possible worlds

There always seems to be something special going on in Florence. Featured Saturday was the annual Florence “Vintage Trailer Show,” that was also supported by The Rhody Cruiser, who braved wind and rain to participate.

During the year, Florence also has the Rhody Festival; Rods and Rhodies; The FEC Music Festival coming up in January and always features top name entertainment; Okto-Fur-Fest a couple of weeks ago with Weiner Dog races, German-style beer and food  that ended only last week.

There are also regular activities like the Rhody Cruisers car club stand-arounds; The British Car Club; Wings and Wheels with classic vehicles and airplanes; a very active Boys and Girls Club; a military vehicle club, an active American Legion, VFW, DAV and ELKS Club; and two top golf curses with their own events and contests.

Plus, Florence is home to art and music events that are indeed special. Of course, we also have access to the ocean, 17-plus area lakes, the Siuslaw River with fishing extraordinaire, and state, county and federal parks.

However, housing is expensive and there are very few rentals for medium income families and individuals. Plus, the crime and drug problem is a strong concern.

But, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Having lived here since 2006, I can truly say that Florence is the best of all possible worlds.

Sometimes we need to remember that.

— Dennis Baker



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