How does attacking bring us together; Greene is spot on; Thank you fact checkers; Ensnared by BLM; You’ll hate a ventilator — Letters to the Editor, July 18, 2020

How does attacking people bring us together?

How sad City Counselor Joshua Greene feels he must vent by taking inaccurate and cheap shots at the local grassroots’ Republican movement in our town. 

Mr. Greene seems unhappy with the outcome of the 2018 election and portrays this as a “colossal disruption.” 

No, Mr. Greene, this was an expression of the will of the voters. You go on to say, “We public figures have to look at what we say and do from all sides and choose what brings people together...” 

How does your attack on the Republican folks and the pro-life group bring people together?

You go on to condemn Sherry Harvey for reserving Old Town Park and ask the question, “So why on Bay on July 4?” 

The answer to that is very simple; for the same reason the Democrats have reserved the same space in years past for July 4. Mr. Greene said in his Guest Viewpoint “... we need to be honest with ourselves and each other...”

How honest is it to write alluding to your position as a City Counselor and making judgment statements of lawful activities, then close your article with a disclaimer that all that was said is from a personal point of view when it clearly impacts otherwise.

—Bruce Jarvis


Greene is spot on about council’s political divide 

In the July 15 Guest Viewpoint By Joshua Greene (“Politics Should Have No Place In Our Local Government”), he was spot on when it comes to our city government’s political divide and the small far-right faction in our city. 

I did not venture into Old Town on July 4 as to avoid the unprotected crowds that I assumed would be there. I am fortunate that I did not because I would have been outraged by the transparently far-right display in our public spaces.

If far-right members want to protect or present their agenda, they should go stand on street corners with their signs like everyone else — unless they fear they may not receive thumbs up and horn honks from passersby.

—Win Jolley


Thank you to our local fact checkers

Thank you, Karen Mahoney, for your Guest Viewpoint (“What We Really Need To Remember Come November,” July 16).

You took your time to fact check.  You clarified Ian Eales’ loose-use of language and facts regarding U.S. and world history.

Paragraphs 4–6 of your viewpoint regarding the founding of the Republican Party by northern Democrats, anti-slavery Whigs and anti-slavery Free Soilers, were revealing.  

My ancestral family was staunch Republican because they were repulsed by ownership of human beings. Two great-grandfathers fought for the Union. One died.  

They would be horrified by Confederate monuments and Confederate flags flying; they would be horrified that U.S. police forces have become militarized; they would be horrified that some police officers choose to behave as executioners.

They would be horrified by a lot more.

I was a registered Republican, following my family’s path. I am a concerned patriot who loves my country and knows that I must speak up.

Who are we? Americans mesmerized by the traumatized celebrity in the White House? 

We can do better.

—Kathryn Damon-Dawson


Well-meaning people are being ensnared by BLM

I would like to challenge the common paradigm and question progressive organizations acquiescing to the demands of Black Lives Matter. This corporation has nefarious funding from Open Society, the Ford Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, JPMorgan Chase and many other foundations.

Open Society has used his money to disrupt democratically elected governments with “Color Revolutions” for the last 40 years. The BLM protests are just another “Color Revolution” to affect regime change in the U.S. 

The movement for Black lives, which includes BLM, sends donations to ActBlue, which has donated $120M to the “Biden for President” campaign.

When the founders of this corporatized organization claim to be Marxist, it should be understood that they are referring to a distorted philosophy that substitutes the class struggle with the race struggle. This is not Marxism. 

BLM seems adored by the media and the Democratic Party and is not a threat to the 1 percent. 

Once again, well-meaning people are ensnared into supporting a dead-end agenda.

—James Sherwood


You’ll hate needing a ventilator

To those who believe mask mandates infringe on their freedoms, you are really going to hate the ventilator.

—Marybeth Marenco




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