Holiday traditions & memories: Part I

Dec. 15, 2018 — From simple to sweet, from generational family traditions to new activities planned just for the kids, winter holiday events have a tendency to bring loved ones together. Here’s a taste of some of the Siuslaw community’s favorite December traditions.

Scandinavian Tradition

Christmas Eve lutefisk, a tradition common in Scandinavian households and absent in the U.S., except in Minnesota, is a delicacy one either likes or doesn’t. One never says “Oh, I’ll just have a little bit” to be polite. Many Swedes vow they will never require their children to eat lutefisk; it is the brunt of many jokes.

After being cured in lye, it takes on a scary gelatinous quality when poached and served, traditionally, in a heavy cream sauce with enough cholesterol to elevate yours off the scale. Reason enough to avoid it altogether unless you are a rare breed like us.

— Jacquie Beveridge

With Great Grandma comes great memories

We do Cookie Baking Day every year at great grandma’s house. All of us — grandmas, moms and all the kids. When we are done, we decorate sugar cookies. Kids love it! There is always lots of Christmas music. Then, Christmas Eve is also always at great grandma’s for the traditional big meal. All the lights are out, except the tree and candles.

We open gifts from each other while there, but kids get to open gifts from Santa at their own homes.

Just being together is the most precious time of year. We’re missing out-of-town family and thankful for the Lord’s blessings.

— Karen Goss

(submitted via Facebook)

Jolly Old St. Nick

Saint Nicholas comes on Dec. 6 to my children’s home all their lives, as well as my grandchildren’s homes and my great-grandchildren’s homes.

The children put their shoes out all in a row in the hall or living room. Then, in the morning they find nuts, fruit, chocolate and one small present in their shoes left by St. Nick.

This is a German tradition on their father’s side.

— Lynette Kristine

(submitted via Facebook)

Conversations on Facebook:

A birthday cake for Jesus.

— Jenny Dimmick

Oh yes! We always have a cake for Jesus’ Birthday!

— Karen Buckmaster


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