Help birch trees; Rain can't dampen spirit — Letters to the Editor, May 25, 2019

Step lightly upon the earth and she will sustain you

Help damaged birch trees

I was so sad to find the farthest west birch tree along 27th Street by the middle school stripped of all its bark along the base of the tree.

I have always been taught that when a tree is stripped of its bark, it will die. Several other trees are badly damaged as well. 

I encourage some new plantings, some more education, and reminding the community that trees are alive and vital to our town and our health... for many reasons including cleaning the air, providing shade and habitat, preventing soil erosion, etc.

Step lightly upon the earth and she will sustain you.

Meanwhile, can the damaged area(s) be bandaged in an effort to save the tree(s)?

—Ivy Medow


Rain can’t dampen Rhody Days spirit

My wife and I moved to Florence 20 years ago, and if I could place a bet on the weather twice a year, I would have an 80 percent chance of winning.

As I am writing this, it is our Rhody Days weekend — and it is raining. The other rainy time of the year is Halloween.

However, the liquid sunshine during both celebrations does not seem to deter the web-footed Oregonians or visitors enjoying themselves.

Go Beavers, Ducks and flatfooted visitors.

—Win Jolley



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