Happy Father's Day

Letters from the Boys and Girls Club kids

June 15, 2019 — Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Western Lane County thank the special dads, moms, grandparents, older siblings, relatives, guardians and friends who helped raise them.

Dear daddy

Thank you for all my toys and all you do for me. I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Amia, 5

Dear Dad

happy father’s Day. I Love you so much, you make me laugh & smile. you are the #1 best dad ever, I don’t know what I would do without you. thank you for every thing you do to help me. You’re not just the coolest dad ever, but you’re my dad and that will never change. Happy Fathers Day

Love, Kyriana, 11

Dear Jesse,

you were there when I needed a dad. You are my step dad but it does not matter. I still Love you, and still give me a home and food. Happy Father’s Day.

Love, Emma, 9

Dear Dad

I Love you and you are super funny and you are the first best dad you’re awesome, workfull, and fun

Love, Riley, 9


Happy father’s day I wish you the best Day ever. Hope it is 10 out of 10 you are the best Dad ever I hope your Day is filled of Joy and happiness. Have a great time at church.

Love, Gunner, 9

Dear #1 dad

I think you are the coolest dad ever and funny you’re nice and mak me laugh and smile.

Love, Cayden, 8

Dear Dad

I would like to say happy father’s day! I love you and thank you for being my dad! I love you!

Love, Cayden K, 10.

Dear Dad,

Happy fathers day! Thank you for being my dad. You are the best dad ever! Thanks for taking us to places and letting us do fun stuff.

Love, Christian, 10

Dear Dad

i love you yoare in my heart I love you so much Love,

Love, Aiden, 7

Dear Dad

Happy fathers day! You are the best dad in the world you work very hard I love when you play football and baseball with me

Love, Joey, 10

Dear Dad,

Dad It is your Day. I will surprise you. You cook good food and drive me to school. You buy cook food and sometimes you cook for me. You cook breakfast You a good cook. I love you.

Love, Kevin, 7

Dear Dad,

I love you Dad Dear dad Happy father’s day

I love you dad

Thank you. Are the best. You are funny. You are happy all the time.

Love, Annie, 5

Dear Dad,

you’re the dad ever! I love you.

Love, Macie, 6

Dear dad

you are the best dad I would ever have. you are the Best dad ever. I will Love you for ever. You can do anything.

Love, Jori, 8

Dear dad,

hope have a good day at wrok.

Love, Bentley, 8

Dear daddy

I Love you daddy!

Love, Sal, 7

Dear Dad,

you are kind. You are the coolest guy. You are best. Have a Happy Father’s Day. I love you.

Love, Kollin, 6

Dear Dad

I love you and I’m glad that you are MY Dad. And I’m glad that you like reptiles as much as me.

Love, Gavyn, 9

Dear Dad

I love you dad Because you are so funny. I like you to take me to the beach. You are still eating with dinner you are the best. I always hug you and kiss you and I love you.

Love, Nora, 6

Dear Daddy,

you are cool and awesome. You give me toys and you make me laugh. You make the BEST food and coolness too. Love you!

Love, Reagan + Berry, 7

Dear Mom,

I know it’s Father’s Day but you are both mom and dad to me. So father’s day is another mother’s day for us. I love you so much. You are there for me when i have hard time’s. You help me out with home work, take me to gymnastics, Feed me food and put a roof over my head. Thank you for everything.

Love, Isis, 11


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