Good choice for dems; Raising a red flag; COVID in perspective; Boomer more than politician; Put people back to work — Letters to the Editor, May 6, 2020

Good choice for democrats

Democrats on the Central Oregon Coast are fortunate to have good choices on the ballot in the May 19 Primary election. They can continue strong representation in the state legislature by voting for Cal Mukumoto for House District 9. 

Cal’s many years of experience in business management and his knowledge and background in forestry issues will put him in a strong position to advocate in Salem for our coastal and rural businesses and jobs. 

He also has state-level experience working for the good of all Oregonians, as Chair of the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department, and as an appointed member of the Oregon Board of Forestry.

Cal knows firsthand in his family about the benefits of a strong public education system, including the range of learning opportunities that Community Colleges offer everyone.

Strong endorsements for Cal Mukumoto come from local teachers, community leaders and retiring legislators Senator Arnie Roblan and Representative Caddy McKeown.

—Karin Radtke


Raising a red flag

I have never been more grateful for a red flag than I am today.  Not the kind of red flag that says “danger ahead,” but the red flag that rests comfortably on the side of my mailbox waiting patiently to be called into action.

Today was the day; I chose not to drive to the post office to mail a bill but to, instead, raised the red flag to inform my USPS postal carrier (the woman who faithfully drives through my neighborhood to deliver letters, bills, periodicals and junk mail as well and who stops to chat when possible) that I needed her support.

After about an hour, I looked outside and, low and behold, the red flag was resting comfortably again on its side having done its job.  

It was a sign that my mail was now in the safe hands of this extraordinary and essential person in my life. I just can’t imagine life without our postal service.

During this time of isolation, I have written more cards and letters than any six-week period in the past. It’s been fun to connect via snail mail.  

Speaking of snail mail... Don’t you just love getting your ballot in the mailbox? I am so blessed to live in Oregon where voting by mail is not only easy, it’s safe and efficient.  

I get to sit in the living room — in my pajamas if I want — and review the ballot with my spouse and then we get to put our ballots back in the mailbox and raise the red flag once again.  

Thank you USPS for all you provide us.

—Sally Wantz


Let’s keep COVID threat in perspective

I agree that we must keep the Covid-19 virus in perspective. 

If you look at CDC’s figures, it estimates between 12,000 to 61,000 deaths each year from influenza during the 2010-11 to 2018-19 flu seasons. So far, we have experienced over 67,000 deaths from Covid-19 in a little over 2 months. 

In addition, there were no social distancing or shutting down of businesses in those previous years. Just think what we would have experienced this year without the draconian — but preventative — measures instituted in most states.

Make no mistake, Covid-19 is a deadly and extremely transmissible disease that we have not seen the likes of for 100 years. 

Those that do not respect it with the caution it deserves do not just place themselves at risk. Instead, our seniors and those with underlying conditions remain at high risk, especially from transmission from non-symptomatic carriers.

We will get through this but it is going to require patience and listening to our health professionals.

—Craig Burns


Boomer is more than a ‘politician’

Did you know that Boomer Wright, candidate for House District 9, is a published author of children’s books? Boomer was a teacher and principal in the Siuslaw school district and then served as Superintendent in Mapleton.

As a Siuslaw student, I remember his welcoming presence in the morning hallways and the treat it was to come into the classroom to see he was the substitute teacher for the day. He has continued his love for kids in the classroom by substituting in many school districts on the coast including Reedsport and Coos Bay.

During the Corona virus quarantine, Boomer read for weeks every day online to children giving them a break from everyday struggles and worry. He also shared his guitar playing and singing with kids and their parents.

The kids have been home for a long time and it's been fun to look forward to spending time with Boomer; it's been a refreshing option for us.

Boomer’s creative gift will serve him well in Salem as a legislator.  He’ll be able to creatively problem solve, especially in these uncertain times. His giving spirit will be unique and his personality will certainly make him approachable and a joy to work with as he works to bring common sense to Oregon lawmakers.

Thank you, Boomer Wright, for sharing your gift with our families. Thank you for your unselfish act of kindness. Our kids loved your books and your singing too.  

Good luck and remember us in Salem.

—Millie Rochon


Put people back to work

One of the great philosophers, George Santayana, once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

We are headed down a very slippery slope with alarming parallels to 1933 Germany. The Reichstagsbrandverordnung, aka “Reichstag Fire Regulation,” the common name for “Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State,” was instituted by Paul Von Hindenburgon at the request of Hitler. 

The decree nullified many of the key civil liberties of German citizens. This decree was used as the legal basis for the imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of the political system, and to suppress publications not considered “friendly” to the political state.

Do not, for a moment, construe this to implying that our governor or any other state governor is a Nazi. But consider this: Our civil rights are being eroded. 

In Oregon, we have a population of approximately 4,218,000 and each one of us is now being told what we can or cannot do by a single person who feels she can override our constitutional rights “for our protection.”

More and more, I’ve read evidence that demonstrates sheltering in place is doing more harm than good. We have proof of that right here in the good old USA. 

There are nine states that did not shutter, and they are states with some of the lowest-reported infections and deaths. Likewise, the world is acknowledging that the Swedish model has proven effective, reporting some of the lowest infection and death rates in all of Europe.

Am I suggesting the state throw all caution to the wind and open everything everywhere?’

Absolutely not.

But, in those areas of the state where the infection was low, a phased reopening is very manageable and could be implemented.  Enough people have lost their life’s savings, their businesses have gone bankrupt and they have watched their families disintegrate from the pressure.

Put people back to work.  

—Cliff Worley

Dune City


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