Giving blood saves lives, Public safety a a priority, Misplaced Forgiveness — Letters for April 30, 2022

Siuslaw News Letters to the Editor

(Editor’s Note: Viewpoint submissions on these and other topics are always welcome as part of our goal to encourage community discussion and exchange of perspectives.)

Giving Blood Saves Lives

American Red Cross Blood Drives have been occurring in communities from coast to coast for many years.

Florence, Ore., has also been a part of this lifesaving endeavor through the Oregon Cascades Chapter of the American Red Cross, a vital piece of those contributions.

Since the end of 2020 to the present, 279 units of blood have been collected from Florence-area residents.

One may never know whose life you have saved, nor for those whose lives have been saved, never know who they owe that to. But rest assured. It has been acknowledged.

Saving Lives is the common goal of the Red Cross and its partners.

Sincere thanks to Chief Michael Schick of Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue and the department, as well as Pastor Ahren Cahoon of the Florence Christian Church and parishioners for their kind use of their facilities in this effort.

The Florence residents, both young and elderly, who give of themselves in this great need are heroes.

Thank You for your lifesaving gift.

And keep in mind the need for blood is so important. Learn more at

Tom Zahara — American Red Cross

Florence Volunteer

Misplaced Forgiveness

What’s with this student loan forgiveness?

I paid for both my daughters to go through college. My wife and I got our education by extending the length of our military service. This debt forgiveness is not only corrupt, but a slap in the face to those who did pay.

What’s next? What will I have to do next, make their car payments?

It’s bad enough that the taxpayers provide them with food, clothing and shelter. Why the hell did I work for over 40 years? When are they going to pay us back?

Why don’t they do what the majority of the citizens of this country did, and get a job!

 Francis Straley — Florence

Public Safety a Priority

We are very short on public safety protection in Western Lane County. I respect local law enforcement very much, but city police cannot take care of rural safety issues.

Recently I heard Ryan Ceniga, who is running for West Lane County Commissioner, tell us that we used to have more sheriffs. But when the current Lane County Board of Commissioners, except Commissioner Jay Bozievich, voted to leave the O&C Counties Association, we lost a huge amount of incoming funds from the O&C timberlands. That money could have been used for one or two additional sheriffs.

Ryan Ceniga did a ride along recently with a sheriff and learned how hard it is for them to keep us safe and cover all of West Lane County.

I know public safety is very important to Mr. Ceniga and I feel he will fight hard to find a way to keep us safer with more protection.

We don’t need another bureaucrat in office! Ryan Ceniga will use common sense and will have my vote.

 Monika Henry — Noti

Focused on Our Future

Dawn Lesley and I met when she announced her candidacy for West Lane County Commissioner. She is a consulting environmental engineer with 30 years of experience promoting energy efficiency and cleaning up dirty water. She is also a problem solver who brings different viewpoints together to achieve practical solutions on-time and on-budget.

She serves on the Lane County Budget Committee and has demanded more options for public input and more transparency on how our tax dollars are spent.

As Lane County Commissioner, Dawn will strengthen public safety; build more resilient communities; focus on our basic needs; be a leader for climate action and bridge divides and find common ground.

Since she is a problem solver, Dawn has the skill necessary to work with diverse people to solve unique issues of all kinds.

She is willing to work collaboratively with other commissioners to find the best solutions for all our communities.

Plus, she is a good listener. If elected, she will establish an office in Florence.

Dawn Lesley is ready to get started and is focused on our future. She cares deeply about our environment, communities and her family.

Please consider voting for Dawn. Our communities will benefit from her experience, leadership, and ability to get things done.

Sheila Evans — Florence